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  1. Why Isn't the US Giving North Korea Aid?

    Political Rhetoric
    They are just as humane as the muzzies in the Middle East!!! Kim Jong Un's executed uncle was eaten alive by 120 hungry dogs: report - World News
  2. Jobless Aid, the new unemployement

    Political Rhetoric
    Unemployment must not be making the liberals feel very good. They are now calling it "Jobless Aid" I suppose the name liberal has a certain offensive stink about it so liberals call themselves Progressives. Shit by any name is shit. It smells and looks repugnant no matter what you call it...
  3. Obama okays 1.5 Billion in aid for Egypt

    Political Rhetoric
    WTF? :)eh:) U.S. OKs Egypt aid despite congressional concerns - Peoria, IL - :no:
  4. Ending development aid to China- probably a good idea (Duh!)

    Political Rhetoric
    Apparently we've been sending 275M a year to China since 01. Nice. Senators urge end to US development aid to China - Yahoo! Finance Ya think its time to stop? Un-believable. UD
  5. It's not Kool Aid it's Drugs !!

    Political Rhetoric
    This explainds a lot! Looks like the big greedy corporate drug companies are doping up Americans at never seen before levels. Making record profits doing it.. No wonder there are so many brain numbed sheep following the corporate Pied Pipers around...Could this mass drugging part of a plan...
  6. Libyan rebel aid?

    Political Rhetoric
    Has anyone else noticed these idiots wasting ammo firing in the air? Automatic weapons wasting 5, 10, 15 rounds firing in the air like it was some kind of fireworks show. Not to mention their buddies 1/4 mile away having all those bullets raining down on them!!! I'm pretty much against our...
  7. Billions in aid go to areas that backed Obama in '08

    Political Rhetoric
  8. Kithchen Aid Hookup

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Anyone have one in LA? My fridge went out last night so I want to replace the range, micro and fridge with a kitchen aid series.
  9. First Aid Class

    PB Open Water
    So I bought a nice first aid kit for the boat which has pretty much everything in it and as I was looking through it I started thinking WTF is this, and what is that. Aside from the hydrogen peroxide and bandaids and guaze and tape that are in there I wouldn't know what to do with it. Where is...
  10. A BILLION in additional aid to Georgia????

    PB Open Water
    I have to ask what people are thinking?? I am a Republican but come on!!! Do the politicians in Washington know what the heck is going on in our country????? Man could we use a billion in Arizona!! We could build schools, repair bridges and infrastructure. Creat jobs that would trickle...
  11. So... Kool Aid is racist? what the *#*#

    Political Rhetoric
    I am 42 now and I heard something I have never heard before? In the political arena every has called people from when Clinton was in office "Kool-Aid drinker" meaning that you would take anything a certain administration would say at face value no matter what anyone said. So now I have heard the...
  12. Aid for Georgia

    Political Rhetoric
    Obama has announced support for his buddy and perhaps VP pick, Joe Biden's idea of providing $1B in aid to rebuild Georgia after the Russians came through. I wonder if Barry thinks this is the Georgia just north of Florida. It being hurricane season and all. Of course he might believe it's one...
  13. Snowmelt to aid Lake Powell boaters

    PB Open Water
    Written in the LA Times today from the Associated Press, Salt Lake City - Snowmelt will raise half-empty Lake Powell 50 feet, opening a popular shortcut for boaters for the first time in five years, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation said. The Castle Rock Cut - still a stretch of exposed rock -...
  14. purple cool aid

    Jet Boats
    :)bit:((((((:|err:mad: have you had any lately?