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  1. Midwest
    D&M Marine in Albuquerque is looking to hire some help for the upcoming season (provided our lakes have water). We would prefer people with some boating knowledge. You would be doing everything from general cleaning to "basic" maintenance on boats, trailers and more depending on your experience...
  2. Midwest
    D&M Marine will be offering boat storage this Fall/Winter. Inside/covered/outside. Call for details and pricing 884-2628. We are located near the Big I and we (in most cases) will be cheaper than most any other storage facility in the city.
  3. PB Open Water
    I am a member on a few diesel forums and there are many times we gather together and help one another work on each others trucks. Not sure if anyone here does the same but would be cool to meet people and help if needed on their boat, BBQ some meat and have a beer or soda. I have a plethora of...
  4. PB Open Water
    Awhile back someone posted up a name of a shop in the Albuquerque area for repair work. I somehow ended up with my daughters OMC drive and need to get someone to fix it so I can get it back to her.. I had it over at Powell through the winter but couldn't find anyone willing to work on an OMC...
  5. Midwest
    I just brought a Nordic Rage w/496HO home from Havasu to Albuquerque and it's spinning a 26 Bravo 4 blade prop. I will be at Navajo lake on 6/16 and wanted to try a 24 and a 22 (4 blade Bravo) for reference on which prop to buy that will perform the best for this lake. Any help would be...
  6. GN7 On the Dyno
    Anyone live there? Wanna help a guy out? Thanks Wags
  7. Midwest
    I'm new to NM and I've ran my boat only once here and it ran crap. I took it to a shop in Albuquerque (which theres not much to choose from) and they suggested at minimum a prop change and possibly a gear number change.?????? They also hinted that my outdrive is borderline acceptible for my...
  8. Midwest
    The wife wants to move back home to N.M.and I'm tired of the DC area, we'll be comming out to look at real estate later this month and was wondering what are the good nieghborhoods to look at. I like what I see in Rio Rancho, but open to other suggestions. Any recomendations on realators? Thanks...
1-8 of 8 Results