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  1. Parts for Sale
    468 Injected Chevrolet on Alcohol. This motor was taken out of "Take Two" Biesemeyer and was custom built by Tony Constantino. PM for build sheet. Asking $14,500.00
  2. Parts for Sale
    je 11.5-1 compression pistons with 1.257 compression height. Uses ***** style rings. Pins are hd .250 wall taper wall and 1.094 od. Bore is 4.5. This is a set of 10 pistons and pins. Uses pin buttons . These cost $1700. Not going to use them now so asking $850 in shreveport...
  3. GN7 On the Dyno
    New years resolution ............................ build it!
  4. Parts for Sale
    This is a set of 10 pistons with 10 heavy duty taper wall 1.094 wrist pins, with 20 wrist pin buttons. For a 4.5 bore, 1.257 comp height. Sell for $1870. Pistons use ***** ring set. For 24 degree conventional bbc heads. 11.5-1 with 119 cc chamber. $975.00 In shreveport, louisiana...
  5. Boats for Sale
    ----Just In Time For Needles----Blown Alcohol Sprint K Boat 1991 BezerSuper Custom Fabrication & Installation by Prime MarineMost Parts Are One Off Billet, Polished, Anodized and/or Powder CoatedAll Aluminum Blown Alcohol Keith Black Chevrolet by Gordon Jennings / Pfaff EnginesCustom Paint by...
  6. Parts for Sale
    This is a full set-up. From the inlet line on the fuel pump through the enderle pump spacer, barrel valve, lines, nozzles, BBC powdercoated DART intake manifold, hat spacer, linkages, enderle bird catcher, idle, main and high speed bypasses, brackets, an fuel lines, pill holders and all...
  7. Boats for Sale
    2001 TOP ALCOHOL FLAT BOTTOM RACE BOAT Looks like a good deal to get into the game? What do you guys think? Anyone on here know this boat?
  8. Boats for Sale
    Curtis Alcohol Hydro. Just drop in your motor and go race or play. Motor mounts for big block Chevrolet. Boat is very nice and a professional set up. Has been 186mph in the 1/4 mile with a blown 565. $7500 OBO. May consider jet boat or flat bottom in trade. Jack Moore 864-449-3535
  9. Parts for Sale
    I have a ready to run 468ci bbc with brodix 2x heads fresh springs,valves,titanium retainers, springs are good to 850 lift,jesel belt drive,manley pistons,eagle h beam rods,holley pro dominator tunnel ram with enderle birdcatcher,fresh bored 4 bolt block studded, fresh line hone block is...
  10. Parts for Sale
    ***Selling for a friend*** Ran this motor in my drag hydro putting the money towards a turn key drag hydro. This motor has 12 passes on it. Ran last year world finals in chandler best time was 8.95 @ 129mph. Also planted 8.94, 9.0, 9.1(have time slips) ran flawless. This motor has a 454 4 bolt...
  11. Parts for Sale
    For Sale: Two Holley 1050 Alcohol Dominators assembled by Competition Carburetion, Sun Valley Nevada. The two carburetors are in excellent condition, with black anodized metering blocks. Please contact Craig @ 510-774-0850
  12. Parts for Sale
    Motor is 475" JE pistons Crank is American made( somewhere in vagas) Rods are alum grp or mgp Ring are hellfire Heads are AFR 345 Comp springs and retainers Ti retainers Comp rockers with girdle Donovan billet gear drive Msd mag 12 Pioneer front mag drive Blower shop 8 with billet caps Bird...
  13. Parts for Sale
    523” Blown Alcohol Chevy Engine, 1,319 H.P. on Alcohol Currently set up for gas with 8:1 pistons and 968 H.P. on Gas Pro built by QMP, Chatsworth, CA Dart tall deck block 4.560” X 4.00” Calles crank and Rods (10) Race Tech Pistons 10.9:1 comp. ratio (for Alcohol) 8-8:1 pistons for the Gas...
  14. Parts for Sale
    540 Blown Alcohol Motor, wants to go have fun, needs a new home and someone to play with! Components; Bowtie Tall Deck Block Hogan Custom Blower Manifold Callies Magnum Blower Crank Fresh Kobelco...
  15. Parts for Sale
    540 dart blown alcohol complete motor 540 dart dart block dart heads set up for alcohol 1471 blower buzzard catcher eagle crank eagle rods best of everything too much to list hat to pan water pump to pto call vince 1 661 406 2448 $15000 OBO RACE READY
  16. Parts for Sale
    Crower /Kinsler injector set up for alcohol. Not run since flowed by Spud Miller at Fuel Injection Enterprises. Complete with pump, bypasses, jets, cover and paperwork. Ready to go to work. Located in Southeastern Wisconsin. $2000. 414-750-1917. Pete.
  17. Parts for Sale
    Chute Jacket & Gear, Injector Hat, 110pump, Belt Drive, Zoomies & Don Zig Mag -Enderle 110 Pump w/ Pully, Adjuster bracket, shut off valve and cable, blower crank drive, belt & 32" #12 AN hose/45degree ends. $700.00 -Jesel Belt...
  18. Boats for Sale
    Blown Alcohol Sprint Boat 1991 Bezer ----Just In Time For Needles---- Blown Alcohol Sprint Boat 1991 Bezer Super Custom Installation by Mike King / Prime Marine Most Parts Are One Off Billet with Clear Anodizing or Orange Pearl Dust Powder Coating All Aluminum Blown Injected Alcohol Chevrolet...
  19. Parts for Sale
    Posting this for a friend. Nice, top dollar piece, you will need to contact him for particulars 521ci Blown Alcohol BBC has 20 1/8th mile passes. Selling intake to pan, flywheel to crank support - Located in North Texas Dart Big M Cast Iron block - 4.505 bore__Crower Blower crank - 4.100...
  20. GN7 On the Dyno
    Been reading up a lil about BA dealios and keep reading about how most people (not all) disconnect and drain the fuel lines and then spray WD40 in them at the end of the day. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this wouldn't be necessary if they were using the teflon lined hose instead of rubber...
1-20 of 63 Results