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  1. Obama and our allies. Pretty funny Video.

    Political Rhetoric
    OBAMA: All countries are close allies!! - YouTube This shows he should really hang up the teleprompter and say what he really feels about an alliance. You really need a prompter for that or are you just not intelligent enough to come up with new phrases and explanations?
  2. US Allies, per usual.

    Political Rhetoric
    Pakistan let China see crashed U.S. "stealth" copter - Yahoo! News Good Ally of ours. We just need to send them more money right?
  3. Allies my ass!

    Political Rhetoric
    We could make alot of progress toward reigning in the budget if we started cutting funding and aid to some of our so called "allies". Especially the ones in the middle east that say they stand by us in the war on terror. Actions speak louder than words. IMO these ****s are the reason we havent...