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  1. So Illegals are Alright, But to Hell With The Veterans!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    O and the liberal assholes open up the National Mall for illegal aliens, but pissed on the veterans!! Nancy Pelosi thanks O for opening up the NM and the WWII Memorial, but wait, the WWII Memorial wasn't open!!!! So tell me Shue, defend this!!!!! You guys piss on the veterans over people that...
  2. Alright All You O Supporters

    Political Rhetoric
    Ok here is the deal. O want's to raise taxes on the rich to balance the budget. But the fact is he will only gain 3.2 Bil a yr. The gov borrows more than that every day !!!! All this class warfare is nothing but smoke and mirrors. You lefties drool like rabid dogs about the rich but the truth is...
  3. Alright you goobers, I'm almost there!

    West Coast - North
    Just sent off my Montana teaching credential application today. The ranch should be listed Memorial Day weekend-ish (Jeff's in Utah until next week). Cross your fingers someone has the hankering for a historic ranch down here in the desert. I hope, I hope, I hope!
  4. Alright

    West Coast - South
    Who is in for saturday? Kyle,jimmy, ern, vin, keith, jake. Who is gunna be there?
  5. Alright all you Closet Cowboy Haters!

    PB Open Water
    I know you're the ones over there voting to suspend him forever! :|err
  6. Alright, I paid my dues, where is my T-shirt

    West Coast - South