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  1. An alternative plan?

    Political Rhetoric
    Of course, this does nothing to further the Kenyan's socialist agenda of crippling the nation into poverty and dependence but there are some great ideas in this health-care plan as opposed to what we now have IMPOSED upon the American public. 9 Key Points from the GOP's New Obamacare...
  2. Rhino Alternative: Jeep ZJ

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Why buy a Rhino or a lifted golf cart when you could get this for way cheaper and drive it on the street or serious off roading?:D 95 Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee 4X4 Limited, 5.2 (318)V8, auto, NP249 transfer case, Rubicon Express 3.5" lift with 2" boosters, JKS extended control arms, MX6 shocks...