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  1. Don't ever trust America!

    Political Rhetoric
    Are you "Conservatives" Happy? Trump pulls us out of Syria, completely abandoning our allies who have helped us beat down ISIS, and now Turkey is massacring our allies....F-ing brilliant! Now they must go to Russia for support...... Trump is working very hard for his Puppet-Master Vlad to...
  2. How do we destroy America?

    Political Rhetoric
    So I was reading a little piece on Quora...(Which is not a TRump-Approved info site) and a guy was goimg after a situation...From both angles....I found his take kind of smart..... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ When you think about it, it is...
  3. So, the Trump Tax Cuts are a WIN-WIN for just about everyone - including AMERICA!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    My son Buzzz, works in the corporate offices of the UHaul Corporation. He got, and shared with us, an e-mail from Joe Shoen - the Top Dog of the company, about the Trump Tax Plan. The savings to the company are vast and they are re-investing millions back into the company in many ways. They...
  4. God Bless America!

    Political Rhetoric excuse me while im muricing this 4th of july have a great 4th to you and yours!
  5. Can a president destroy america?

    Political Rhetoric
    :usa: I hope not, but there is currently a President in office that seems to be doing a good job at trying. I understand that not everyone likes or benefits from Obamacare, but it is the law of the...
  6. Obama & DOJ Shake Down Bank of America and others.....

    Political Rhetoric
    This is really unbelievable! The DOJ imposes a multi-BILLION dollar fine against the bank for loan violations, and right before they (DOJ) executes the final settlement process, The DOJ says, "If you (Bank of America) will donate MILLIONS to the "lift wing liberal groups" we tell you too, you...
  7. [For Sale] 2016 Pace America 7x16 Trailer

    Trailers and Trailer Parts
    2016 Pace America 7x16 enclosed trailer side door, rear ramp door 12 inch extra high door header tandem axle with brakes E track spare tire blazing bell tech strap holder and oil organizer led lights 2 dome lights osb walls with dry max floors front diamond plate rock shield. only used 2 times...
  8. Only in Obama's America

    Political Rhetoric
    I received a very cryptic text from my son last week. Not too much info. Just a "You and Mom need to keep your weapons close (he made sure that the wife got her CCW before he started his new job) and be very aware of your surroundings". Then I saw this. Now I understand. SCARY: Middle...
  9. We Want Our America Back

    Political Rhetoric
  10. Hillary Is the ‘Most Admired Woman in America'

    Political Rhetoric
    My IQ just dropped below a 100 again. :)sphss
  11. The most segregated time in America....

    Political Rhetoric
    When is the most segregated time in America? Well, here in Alabama....that would be 11:00 AM each and every Sunday morning. With no Government intervention, no outside forces coming into play, whites congregate at their churches and the blacks congregate in theirs. Why is this? Could it be...
  12. 12 Y/O kid schools obama on love for america and terrorism

    Political Rhetoric
    Saw this on Fox news this morning and had to look it up on youtube. Refreshing.
  13. The Liberal Free Utopia is killing America

    Political Rhetoric
    Home of the free, the brave, and those no working pieces of shit on welfare. :no:
  14. Hey Ebola, Welcome to America

    Political Rhetoric
    I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Obama, the Obama Administration and the CDC (same cdc that just potentially exposed 75 to Anthrax) for our newest import, the illegal aliens known as EBOLA to US soil. SOMEONE IS SMOKING CRACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE>>>>WTF
  15. Good Bless America...

    Political Rhetoric
    Ontario Parade...McRib's Trucking Co. does this...WAY COOL...:))THumbsUp
  16. Obama's America

    Political Rhetoric
    This shit is really bothering me. I was looking at investing in my business, buying a track hoe, low boy, more equipment, a new shed, hire another employee, and reward myself with a new airplane.... BUT, for a moment there, I thought I lived in the US of years past when it was actually...
  17. So let's re-cap. How's America doing with unemployment??

    Political Rhetoric
    Of course the BLS statistics are showing better each month (6.7 now) because of all those who have stopped looking for work who are no longer counted by BLS as unemployed but the honest truth (words democrats can handle) is that we're in deep doo doo! What percentage of American workers are...
  18. America is not #1......losers

    Political Rhetoric
    The 20th anniversary edition of the Index of Economic Freedom reveals that the United States has dropped out of the top 10 freest economies in the world. When Obama took office we had fallen to #6, after five years of his corrupt bullshit we are now #12. WTF. So who are the top countries ...
  19. How far can this president go to destroy America go, you ask?

    Political Rhetoric
    I'd be interested to know from shue, cvx, Bobby, John, Rod, etc. ect. etc. how they feel about this latest move by the Kenyan fraud they put in office? Of course he's taking billions of our tax dollars and supporting his Muslim Brotherhood to the point that they now control more of Afghanistan...
  20. So how does America feel about it?? Does it matter???

    Political Rhetoric
    Seems Kenyankare is continuing to fall in popularity at an alarming rate. Surely our resident libs can poke their heads in and defend it while we work to defund it. Just Prior To Rollout, ObamaCare Hits Record Level Of Unpopularity -