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  1. Political Rhetoric
    what were the top 5 things that come to mind when they think of the GOP:
  2. Political Rhetoric
    Five for One POW Exchange - WTF! POTUS AGAIN says FU to Congress & Americans! Our President Barack Husein Obama, exchanged One U.S. Soldier POW held in Afghanistan for FIVE FUCKING TALIBAN TERRORIST THAT WERE BEING HELD AT GITMO! It appears our POS "Muslim Hugging" POTUS continues to...
  3. Political Rhetoric
    Democrat leadership is very - very costly America. Let's review: "Obamacare" * At an overall cost of over $2 Trillion, according to the CBO's own numbers will devastate the American economy. * The taxes imposed could decimate what remains of our workforce despite promises to reduce both...
  4. Political Rhetoric
    I've heard of the fox guarding the hen house but this is beyond a slap in the face of all America. I wonder if the appointment came on 9/11? Muslim Brotherhood supporter gets Homeland Security promotion - BizPac Review
  5. Political Rhetoric
    This is a good read.
  6. Political Rhetoric
    Damn right he is. Is Obama waging psychological warfare on Americans? | Fox News
  7. Political Rhetoric
    Come on libs! Tell us all again how great this guy is and all he's done for America? Which of you is stupid enough to think this path is sustainable? :)hammers:)hammers:)hammers:)hammers President Barack “Food Stamp” Obama Now Has 47,000,000 Americans On Food Stamps // Mr. Conservative
  8. Political Rhetoric
    So now that our embassy in Libya has been taken over and 4 Americans have been murdered including the Ambassador what will the Imposter-In-Chief do? My guess is he is hiding under his desk weeping uncontrollably. This is way beyond his pay grade.
  9. Political Rhetoric
    Even 49% of the Republicans have this right.:))THumbsUp Obviously, 0% of the Republicans here in the prf are smart enough to be part of that 49%. More blame Bush than Obama for economic woes, poll says
  10. Political Rhetoric
    It is bad enough that political parties are already doing this to win elections :))ThumbsDwn Allowing the government to brainwash us like they try to do overseas is horrific ... Any congressmen who signs this needs to be voted out of office. Allowing government brainwashing techniques to be...
  11. Political Rhetoric
    In a move that I believe is partially retaliation against American's for his election loss, did Senator John McCain betray American's and the Constitution? S.1867, the Demise of Freedom-2011 - YouTube
  12. Political Rhetoric
    We like to think we Americans are "free". So how "free" are we really ? Seriously,What can you do in America today that is truly free? Seems nearly everything is regulated and requires an approval of some kind. You need a permit to do nearly anything on your own property, you need to pay a...
  13. Political Rhetoric
    This amazes me. I don't know squat about this woman's record on the bench outside of some sound bites. Yet when "Americans" are polled (Gallup), the LA Times says the majority approve of her confirmation. How can that be? Because she's a woman? Because she's not white? Because of some sound...
  14. PB Open Water
    The following email was sent to Performance Boats with a request to post or pass along the information. ------------------------------------------- This is a very good letter to the editor. This woman made some good points. For some reason, people have difficulty structuring their arguments...
  15. PB Open Water
    ...its not your typical governmental political rhetoric, but its somemthing i have grown up kinda dealing with since i was a caucasian lad in southern california, i love this country and alot of the people that live here, no matter their color crede or what ever else i may have thrown back into...
  16. PB Open Water
    A friend sent this to me today. Had to laugh. :D
  17. Political Rhetoric
    I've said time and again, they aren't here just to cut grass and clean hotels. Perhaps now that it's reaching into the big dollar jobs, some folks will wake up. Probably not. Anyway, here is a short news story about supervisors losing their jobs up in Oregon because they speak only their native...
  18. PB Open Water
    I guess this is only 1 percent.... Report: More than 1 in every 100 Americans now behind bars Associated Press Feb. 28, 2008 09:52 AM NEW YORK - For the first time in history, more than one in every 100 American adults is in jail...