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  1. Other Stuff for Sale
    Like the title reads. I have 2 50 amp rv spots for stagecoach. Each spot comes with 2 weekend passes and 8 friends rv wrist bands. The friend wrist bands will not get u in the show but allow u to have friends back to your rv spot to party. $2500 each Joe text 714 928-4373
  2. Parts for Sale
    Hey guys, A couple more parts I found laying around. First is a used but rebuilt not too long ago 80 amp marine alternator. Fits pretty much any competition style ski boat, this came off of a Mastercraft I believe. 2 wire hook up. Made by Motorola. Same as It worked on my '92 Ski Centurion and...
  3. Audio
    So i am running a 6 channel JL audio amp for my mids and highs. I also run a mono amp to run my two 12s. here is my issue. sometimes the stereo works great all day. Other times the JL amp cuts out and all i get is my subs. then if i turn the volume knob all the way up and back down again a few...
  4. Parts for Sale
    SOLD!!!! BBC Direct Drive Alternator complete. like new.. 90amp SOLD!!!!! just removed this alternator setup from my boat and it is like new.. just called Rex Marine and they are out of stock on these and thier price is 190 for the bracket kit and 270 for the 90 amp alternator.. would like...
  5. Trailers and Trailer Parts
    Used once pretty much like new condition. Sold Trailer no longer need. $ 120.00 714-345-3865 call or text
  6. PB Open Water
    I am looking to upgrade my mids on my boat stereo. Alpine says to run two of their PDX-4.100 amps along with 6 SPR-M700 mid range speakers what i am wondering is how you get two 4 channel amps to power 6 speakers? is there a setting on the amp to run it as a 3 channel amp? is anyone on here...
  7. Jet Boats
    Why is my Holley Blue drawing 20 amps? Wired it correctly per the help of you guys with a relay and switch..but I have to run a 25 amp fuse. It should only need say a 10 amp fuse wants to get hot..thanks
  8. Audio
    So im installing a stinger fan on my Kicker ZX650.4 amp, the fan is the cylinder type. When i hook up the red wire from the fan to the 12v power source on the amp and the blue wire from the fan to the ground on the amp the fan continues to run WITHOUT the battery's on. Am i doing something wrong...
  9. Audio
    Ok, i need to run a new head unit (because the dash is already cut out which i hate) and i have four marine 6x9 speakers. What head unit and amp (if needed) is a good buy. I need IPOD hookup. I dont' need anything crazy just something simple, and that will fit in the normal DIN installation...
  10. Audio
    My Amps are not marine and a little old. They shut down only after about 20mins of use and they are basically done for the day. My current set up is.... 2 x 10" subs Clarion 4 x Clarion CM1635 Also on a side note, on getting a new alternator and was curious to know how to choose the amps ect...
  11. Audio
    I'm having a problem with my amp I hook everything up and no light comes on when I disconnect ground protection light comes on then when I reconnect it the light goes out. Everything is hooked up right its grounded to the block.
  12. Audio
    i got an amp free from a guy ,but seems it is only for subs,I think. it's a mtx tc 4001.hooked it up & only got bass ,no highs. any stereo guys know if i'm missing something, or is this amp just for subs?
  13. Audio
    Anyone know if this is possible without using a head unit? Looking at redoing my system this winter and really have no need for a HU if i can run my Ipod to the amp. Thoughts?
  14. Parts for Sale
    Up for sale is a 25 amp msd mag,crank trigger,box,cap and wires along with a RCD billet offset drive for a KB hemi....all in mint shape and working perfect.... offers?? A 44's about 3 grand, rcd drive is 975.00 triggers 250.00 if ur interested shoot me a offer, thanks OK asked for a price...
  15. Audio
    Hey guys, I recently bought a new to me Nordic Heat. In the process of selling my Titan for something a little more... tow oriented. Taking the entire stereo out of the Titan. The HU in the Nordic in in the cabin in the wall away from the cabin door so I am going to put my Alpine CDA-117 in...
  16. Parts for Sale
    $80 buyer pays shipping. Open engine only, used one season.
  17. Audio
    Bear with me here lol. I recently installed a MB Quart NAU460 4 channel amp, Zapco AG360, 4 MB Quart 6.5"speakers, and 2 polk 10" subs. Had the MB on the subs temporarily and the Zapco on the interior speakers. After one day of use the subs stopped playing and the MB amp is in protect mode. I...
  18. Audio
    Just wondering where you guys are grounding your amps? Also I have 2 batteries are you guys wiring your amps to one battery and use that battery all the time while running or parked and just using the other battery to start the boat? Haven't had a boat yet running 2 batteries. Thanks guys.
  19. Audio
    Hey guys need some help here, Ill try and keep it as short as possible, bought a 1971 Sleek Craft and the original owner built a system that has 12" sub and 2 6x9's, plus 1000watt amp powering the sub and 6x9's. I had to remove the sub enclosure for some fiberglass boat repairs and seems...
  20. Parts for Sale
    This piece is a very compact 1-wire 18 amp race alternator sold by Riolo out of Sacto, CA. It puts out enough juice to run any MSD ignition + whatever elect. (fuel pump) items that are on a race boat (or car). It's a very trick piece and cost over $500.00 new. I will sell it for $300.00 FIRM...
1-20 of 368 Results