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  1. Capitalist Anarchy is destroying America

    Political Rhetoric
    Here is an excellent article that clearly explains what is destroying this nation....This article will open some eyes around here. My fear is it may be too late to correct. The new Capitalist Anarchy and the Lobbyist Bubble - MarketWatch
  2. 2nd Anarchy Powerboats Minicat went in the mold today!

    PB Open Water
    Went with Teague'esque Amsoil silver gelcoat, yes gelcoat:)devil:)devil:)devil Alpine stereo, Livorsi Mega gauges, Eddie Marine and Rex marine goodies with a 4 stroke Merc 25EPLT wacker ( BAM Marine Marc)fueled by a custom 10 gallon fuel cell ( IMCO CUSTOM by Stevie and Dave) mounted over the...
  3. Sons of Anarchy

    PB Open Water
    Sons of Anarchy marathon on FX. Up all nite!
  4. sons of anarchy

    PB Open Water
    has anyone heard when the new season begins?
  5. Sons Of Anarchy

    PB Open Water
    on FX right now. It has some potential and hope it turns out to be good. Anybody else watching?
  6. Sons of Anarchy

    PB Open Water
    Anyone else watch the series premiere on FX last night?