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  1. Gypsy Joker To Hells Angel

    Anyone that was riding in the Bay Area..60's - 70's Must Read :))THumbsUp
  2. Angel tickets.....

    PB Open Water
    I got a cousin from Germany in town and wanna take him to a game. Tues July 2. Anyone wanna sell some season tickets? Rather get them from here than somewhere else. I need 6. Pm me or email [email protected]
  3. Ramp up to angel of intake

    Jet Boats
    Ramp up to intake good or bad ? i have a 75 kurtis 500 jet and am reinstall the in take with shoe and i noticed that the area a bout 18 in in font of the intake ramps up from keel about 1/4 in. up off the keel line at the font of intake then back down to keel line at the transom . this raises...
  4. Angel Flight, some gave all

    PB Open Water
    God bless our fallen hero's!
  5. Blue Angel fans, pretty cool

    PB Open Water Enjoy a little history:) NSF
  6. Angel Stadium and RV parking

    PB Open Water
    Does anyone know how this works? Can I just show up with my 5th wheel (without any tickets) and just park and party in the parking lot during the game? Brendan
  7. Hells Angel????

    Does anyone know the boat??? I just moved here and I saw it a few weeks ago in NM and last night I saw it on Main street in Durango, CO. That boat is bad ass. :)devil
  8. Angel Game tonight

    PB Open Water
    Anyone interested in (4) tickets for the Yanks vs. Angels game tonight? Asking $40 for the set Must pick up in Corona. :D
  9. Chriss Angel just walked across Lake Mead.......

    PB Open Water
    Uh.......Yeah...........Right!:) Maybe MIND FAKE.:) every channel on Dish Network.....nothing on but this clown.
  10. Angel's Tix for 7/2

    Other Stuff for Sale
    I bought these at a charity golf tourney/dinner. They have a face value of $110/ea in the Diamond Club. I can't go as I will be at the river - if you like the Angels make me an offer.