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  1. Classic Hot Boats
    Only saw Mike and Jamie and Tim at this years event. I wore our T-shirts to make up for the lack of representation. Missed seeing ya'll--------. There are lots photos on facebook
  2. East Coast - North
    Anyone from the NE headed down?....I had forgot about it till i saw a post. Currently on a fishing boat in Alaska till end of May, hoping i can get home , stick new motor and road trip. If i can do this will need advise on where to stay etc......thanks. Kenny
  3. East Coast - North
    The LAFB will be at the lake in 20days and counting :) I Have 1 spare room if someone needs it :gathering: who's in and when :wink2: SS sun the 8th - 14th :thumb:
  4. East Coast - South
    I know I haven't posted anything on here until now and it's early to be getting answers, just wondering what kind of crowd is going to be out during the weekend/week of July 5-12. Also, where does every one meet together at? Getting the boat out after "too long" of being parked. Looking forward...
  5. Classic Hot Boats
    This is not a CLASSIC HOTBOAT EVENT, but if you are in to HOT BOATS, it is an event you should attend. This event will be held June 7th and 8th (Friday and Saturday), it is one of the largest gathering of HOT BOATS on the east coast. Jacks Place 650 Bear Castle Dr. Bumpass VA 23024 Lake Anna...
  6. WFL Crew
    I just got off the phone with Jack. His annual Lake Anna Feast is scheduled for June the 7th and the 8th. Like to see the WFL being represented. More to come in the upcoming days. Mark your schedules now.
  7. BOTE
    ...earliest reference i can think of. Lake Anna Anyone
  8. East Coast - South
    Does anyone know the dates for next years Lake Anna Feast?
  9. BOTE
    Lake Anna Virginia 9 15 2012 - YouTube Thanks for the pics Kelly...
  10. East Coast - North
    OK..... whos up for a boating and cookout at Anna Sept 1 or 8th :thumb: school starts the 4th so we should be good:rolleyes: other then maybe the beavers:)violent44
  11. Classic Hot Boats
    Just wondered how many of the Classic HotBoaters are planning on making the trip to Jack's Lake Anna Feast. I went last year and if all goes as planned will make the trip again this year, post up if you are going, maybe we can meet up and make the trip together, if you are into hot boats you...
  12. East Coast - South
    Jack Weller’s 17th annual Lake Anna Virginia Feast will be held again this year on Friday & Saturday, June 8th and 9th, 2012. You are welcome to attend here at Lake Anna VA. If you come on Friday (8 June) you will find this is a nice lake for boating. This lake is 18 miles long. Usually it...
  13. BOTE
    :captain: Time to start planning. :stir:
  14. East Coast - South
    Slated for the weekend of June 8 & 9, 2012. Looking forward to warmer weather, see you guys and girls there!!! Jack told me that the magazine will be back in '12 also. :thumb:
  15. East Coast - North
    Just thinking of trying to get an endofyearblowout at the lake WHAT's YA Think anyone interrested Sept. 16-17-18 or 23-24-25
  16. Jet Boats
    Can you help put a name or a member ID with any of these boats from Lake Anna, VA? Thanks!
  17. BOTE
    Can you help put a name or a member ID with any of these boats from Lake Anna, VA? Thanks!
  18. East Coast - North
    Can you help put a name or a member ID with any of these boats from Lake Anna, VA? Thanks!
  19. PB Open Water
    Here she is, our Thursday girl!
  20. BOTE
    Anyone up for a trip to ANNA ????? :)bulb
1-20 of 31 Results