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  1. appraisal question

    I have been looking for an insurance company to insure Panic Mouse. I saw an add on TV for Hagerty and thought I would give them a call about the possibility of a policy for the boat. The guy I talked to said it would be no problem but that I needed to have an appraisal for the value I was...
  2. appraisal question

    PB Open Water
    Hi everyone. This is my first post, although I've been getting some good info from the boards for the last couple of months. I know there's quite a few people on the boards that are knowledgeable about real estate. We're trying to refi our house in Havasu. Initially we were going to go with...
  3. resiential home appraisal in havasu

    PB Open Water
    I need to get an apprasial done asap on a newer home south end of town. Any recs?
  4. Getting a boat appraisal

    PB Open Water
    I am in need to get a appraisal on my v-drive. Does anyone here know how or where to get an appraisal in the Los Angeles area. I would appreciate any help.