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  1. Obama's Approval Rating Tied With Reagan

    Political Rhetoric
    At the same point in his Presidency, Reagan's approval rating was no different than Obama's: Obama Approval Soars: President Is Now More Popular Than Bush and Equal To Reagan Neither one was as good as Bill Clinton.
  2. 39% approval for the clown in chief

    Political Rhetoric
    Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval Seems the only group approving the clown in chiefs job rating now is U.S. muslims :)bulb :)eh:) :cool: :mad:
  3. Congressional Approval Poll

    Political Rhetoric
    I keep hearing the left wing news, as well as democrats, talking about the congressional approval rating, as if congress is looked down upon because of the repulicans. I just looked at a number of those polls. While they say that the approval rating is in the single digits, what they all leave...
  4. Approval Rating

    Political Rhetoric
    This didn't seem to make any of the Fox News headlines. Poll: Obama approval rating at 3-year high - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room
  5. Obama’s approval ratings are so low now,

    Political Rhetoric
    Kenyans are accusing him of being born in the United States! :shock:
  6. Presidential Approval rating is slipping

    Political Rhetoric
    The Kenyan's shiny exterior is no longer blinding the masses.
  7. 14% approval

    Political Rhetoric
    that's what the number is for the California legislators. I can only hope that the voters come to their senses and vote this current group of bumbling asswipes out of office.