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  1. Hull Blueprinting Norcal area

    Jet Boats
    I am planning on getting some rash repaired on my boat over the winter as well as adding some HP to the setup with some jet work to match. It has been suggested that having my hull blueprinted would benefit my efforts for adding HP. My goal is to have a fast boat. I know a daycruiser can only...
  2. [Question] Recommend a trailer fab/painter in Sacramento Area

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Need my Stoker 20.1 trailer blasted/painted....diamond plate replaced ASAP.... Any recommendations in the Vacaville/Sac general area? Thanks in advance !!!!!
  3. Psa: For the north/western delta area peeps

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    About the Rio Vista Bridge Preservation Project DESCRIPTION The $37.1 million project includes cleaning and painting the drawbridge on State Highway 12 over the Sacramento River in Rio Vista. This work is scheduled to take three years. All work will be performed under traffic control and...
  4. Anodizing in Bay Area

    Anyone have a recommendation for getting parts anodized in the Bay Area? PK is out of business and last batch from Arnold was horrible. Looking for a quality shop.
  5. Looking for this boat in the OK area

    Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Heys guys awhile back this boat was for sale in Skiatook just north of the Tulsa area. I was wondering if anyone knows who has this boat and if its still for sale?
  6. New Member in Big Bear SoCal area

    New member Introductions
    Hey All! Thanks for the ad. Been lurking and reading threads here long enough. Figured it was time to be a part of the boating society. Picked up a new to me Cobra Viper for family fun. I want to start making more trips to the river but need to get a system down, (less expensive hotels...
  7. Need a ride from N. OC to SF Bay area

    PB Open Water
    Pair of water exhaust logs need a ride. steve peterson 714 579-7857
  8. Looking for an empty truck fm SoCal to Bay Area

    I purchased an engine in southern cal, and need it in northern cal. I will pay for gas. Please let me know. Steve 650 743 9613. Thanks
  9. Reno to LA Area?

    Anyone traveling from Reno to the LA Area within the next month? Looking to get four wheels/tires from Reno to Long Beach (or anywhere in the LA area). Would be happy to cover a portion of someone's gas bill. If so and able to transport shoot me a PM. Thanks. -Russ
  10. Does anyone live around visalia/hanford ca. Area? Look at some parts?

  11. looking for storage OC or LA area

    SCSC is looking for secure boat/trailer storage for several months at a time. Contact Ross (310)318-4012 or [email protected] Any help is appreciated. Ross Wallach, President SCSC
  12. Looking for a cabin on the water in the Delta area for a coupleweeks after the enduro

    Outboard Church
    Could use some pointers in the right direction. :yes:
  13. Phoenix area carb guys?

    Anybody know of any great carburetor shops in the Phoenix area to freshen up and custom tune a set of carbs? I have several sets of carbs to chose from on hand, and I would like to find a knowedgable shop to help me decide which set is best, and to calibrate them for my application. I usually...
  14. looking for flatty in texas or area , must be turn key .

    Boats for Sale
    blown would nice , must be clean, no black boats to hot in texas.
  15. Looking for a custom painter in or near the Bay Area

    I am looking for a custom painter that is good at art work, like cartoons or murals...Any help would be great...Thanks
  16. Anyone traveling thru or from San Fransisco area to billy b show ??

    Looking at a flatty trailer that is in San Fransisco. Anyone coming from that area to needles this weekend for the show? Trailer is in good condition and very road worthy
  17. Nitrous in Bay Area or Modesto/Merced?

    My usual nitrous supplier is out and I'm needing to have a couple bottles filled. Any shops around that sell nitrous, preferably East Bay, but I could swing by Modesto/Merced on the way to McSwain too. Thanks.
  18. Upholstrey in the Modesto area

    Jet Boats
    Looking for a shop that will do tuck and roll on two fiberglass buckets shells and a bench shell in the Modesto area. Any recomendations? Thanks, be safe. schick
  19. San Jose area.

    Anybody know of any lakes, reservoirs close to San jose area where you could run a noisey jet boat?..
  20. Water level Martinez Lake area

    West Coast - South
    Hey guys. I was out of the boating scene for a while and just got back in. Bought an 2005 Carrera 257 Party Effect. So, the water level at the Martinez/Fishers area fluctuates a lot from time to time. If it is too low, I can't launch at Fishers because the trailer falls off the end of the...