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  1. Another NFL Thug arrested

    Political Rhetoric
    Seems like the NFL is in the news again......This time Thug Tracy Porter was arrested in N.O. for Battery and drug charges..........Make sure to tell your young ones to keep watching these great role models.....:partyguy: :no:
  2. BWW promoter arrested on fraud

    Races and Boating Events
    April 4 2014 Robert Richards Jr was arrested on fraud for $200,000 in bad checks. Was he going to promote this years BWW and is it still going to happen?
  3. They Arrested The Video Producer?

    Political Rhetoric
    While out of town boat racing this weekend I think I saw where they arrested the guy that made the anti-muslim video? Really? On what grounds? I was thinking about making a video of a button similar to the "easy" office depot button that said Muslim. Video of a hand pushing it and cut to...
  4. Snooki arrested on DUI crash in Europe !!!

    PB Open Water
    She reportedly crash into a police car in Europe !! HAHA, Nice, Hate that ugly b**ch !!! Hope she gets a flea bath and circumcised !!!! :D
  5. James Stewart arrested.

    PB Open Water
    Too bad he's too old for big James to take his belt to him. A Central Florida motocross champion whose website calls him "the Tiger Woods of supercross" was arrested Monday on a charge of impersonating a police officer, the Florida Highway Patrol said. James "Bubba" Stewart Jr., 25, was...
  6. man arrested with guns at LAX

    PB Open Water
    What is your take on this? The guy was just stupid? He got caught up in drama? The spirit of the law wasn't followed by the LEO? He got what he deserved? Further deterioration of rights? Curious to what all of you have to say on this... Arrest angers O.C. man found at LAX with truck full...
  7. Am I gonna get arrested?

    PB Open Water
    I've been hearing stories about the CHP doing check points for vehicles towing overweight ie toy haulers. Anyone have any knowledge or experience. I was told there is one on the way to Ocotillo?
  8. 300 arrested at rep. convention

    Political Rhetoric
    anyone hear about this yet? i wish i lived there.
  9. Rampage Jackson Arrested in Newport Beach!!!

    PB Open Water
    BREAKING NEWS: Police arrest man after road pursuit By Joseph Serna Updated: Tuesday, July 15, 2008 2:14 PM PDT The driver of a lifted, gray pick-up truck left crashed cars, shredded tires and sparks in his wake this afternoon when he led police on a short pursuit from the southbound 55...
  10. SDSU Students Arrested

    PB Open Water
    This kinda hit close to home... Talked with one of the undergrad members of my fraternity today and non of them were arrested. Yes I posted this on RDP too!
  11. Bears Running Back Arrested on Boating DUI

    PB Open Water
    Benson Arrested For Intoxicated Boating By APRIL CASTRO,AP Posted: 2008-05-05 17:24:58 AUSTIN, Texas (May 4) - Chicago Bears running back Cedric Benson failed a sobriety test while operating a 30-foot boat, then resisted arrest before being hit with pepper spray and dragged ashore by officers...
  12. Hot Boat Team Member Arrested

    PB Open Water
    Various news agencies are reporting that Pete Hupper, a bookkeeper and member of the Hot Boat Magazine team, was arrested on embezzlement charges. Police say he stole more than $1 million from at least one client. Here's a link to more information...
  13. Police: Woman Arrested For Groping Mall Santa

    PB Open Water
    Wonder what this lady looked like. A Connecticut woman is on Santa's naughty list. Sandrama Lamy, of Danbury, was arrested last weekend after groping a mall Santa while sitting on his lap, police said. Lamy has been charged with sexual assault...