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  1. Caution! "Assholes leaving"

    Political Rhetoric
    As soon as they leave, there will be a lot less B.S. in America. :))THumbsUp Stars Planning To Leave The US Over Trump's Presidency | PollHype
  2. Ohio, teachers, CC, take that assholes!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Here we go. Ohio, of all States, headed in what I think is a good direction. Wonder if the rest of the State will follow? As well as other States? I remember the group in SLC, UT directly after Sandhook was instructing teachers there. Many surprising comments. Usually on MSN or NBC articles the...
  3. Are we a bunch of crabby assholes?

    PB Open Water
    I like this site. I rooted for Brett, Chris, and the rest of the crew during the final days Hot Boat and I'm a loyal subscriber to the new mag. As well as that, this site is home to some people I consider friends so I'm pretty much going to be a regular around here. ... but I can't help but...
  4. Loud mouthed assholes

    PB Open Water
    We need more LMAs on I'm getting carpel tunnel from hitting <F5> and nothing new has come up for 10 minutes.