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  1. [SOLD] Auto meter pro comp 5 inch tach with recall

    Parts for Sale
    I sent tach back to autometer to check out and calibrate before selling and its in like new condition with new case, mounting bracket and wiring etc. in shreveport, la. 318-470-1482 $175.00 summit has it for $319
  2. Running a Auto meter tach off of a Magneto

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have a question for the wizards. I have a magneto on my pro stock boat engine with an internal coil. Can I run an electronic type of tachometer (Autometer) off of the mag with the internal coil or do I need a mag with an external coil to make it work? There is only the kill wire coming out of...
  3. Auto tune idea for blowthrough carb

    GN7 On the Dyno
    So I have this crazy idea. Been thinking about this FiTech setup for tuning carbs. FiTech Go Tune AFR Basic and Power Adder Systems | FITech Fuel Injection Its cool & everything but I have one more feature that they need to add, and have a call in with one of their engineers to discuss it...
  4. Auto Meter Playback Tach

    Parts for Sale
    Auto Meter Playback Tach $300.00 Auto Meter Pro-Comp Playback Tachometer. Will record up to 4 runs, excellent condition. Contact Craig @ 510-774-0850
  5. Banks auto industry for cummins diesel rv

    Other Stuff for Sale
    So I have a banks automind diesel computer for a cummins 350 hp from a rv , it came outa my moms coach that they are selling . I have all the paperwork on the install and he paid quite a bit more than I would have but wth not my money. It does look like it needs a wiring harness but it does...
  6. Rock Auto water pressure sensors? $84 less than Merc. Anyone tried them?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Delete post, found my answer and it's no :)
  7. New 5" Auto Meter GPS Speedo and Tach

    Parts for Sale
    (Sold) New 5" Auto Meter GPS Speedo and Tach Hey guys, I bought these for a project I was building but never finished. They are brand new, never been mounted. Auto Meter Pro-Comp Marine, 5", Carbon Fiber. I have the part numbers and prices listed below. These would be over $640 to buy new, I'm...
  8. New Vendor 1A Auto

    New member Introductions
    This looked like a pretty awesome boat forum, so I figured we would help to support the board. My name's Tony I work at, I'm also a huge boat guy. I've been driving boats since I was an 8 year old kid, and at the age of 41 I just got my license:wink2: It's funny how things work out...
  9. Auto Meter Carbon Fiber Guages

    Parts for Sale
    I have some auto meter Carbor Fiber Marine Gauges. I have a 5 inch 8K. Tach. Two oil pressure (Mechanical) and one water temp (Electrical) 2 5/8 all with polished trim. in great shape. Pics aren't the best. if interested I can text you better ones. $300 plus shipping for them all. I also have...
  10. [For Sale] Old auto repair manuals

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  11. 2 5/8 auto meter gauges and miscellaneous parts

    Parts for Sale
    Auto meter gauges. Liquid filled. Oil and water temp. Cord is 12 ft long on water. $100 for the pair. Also selling : coil bracket. Mounts to head. $50 Pump drive, hardly used. Fits small or big block Chevy. Powerglide. $100 Shipping additional. Depends on where you live.
  12. WANTED: auto meter tach

    Parts for Sale
    looking for an auto meter # 6821 memory recall tach. this is for use with a mag with an internal coil.
  13. [SOLD] NEW Auto Meter Water Temp Gauge

    Parts for Sale
    I have a new still sealed Auto Meter Sport-Comp 2 5/8 Mechanical Water Temp gauge that I can't use. They sell for $79.97 at Summit Racing but I will take $50.00 for it plus the ride or trade for a good electrical version of the same size & style. Or, if someone has a good electrical version for...
  14. [For Sale] 1971 Blazer 4x4 383 auto trans 6"lift

    Tow Vehicles, Cars and Parts
    I dont want to do it but its time to put my truck up for sale. 71 Blazer 4x4 auto trans just rebuilt 14 bolt rear,10 bolt 8 lug front 383 with headers,flowmaster exhaust,intake and carb 6" lift with 36s and bilstein shocks custom roll bar. no hard top available line X interior no radio salvage...
  15. 454 marine or auto?

    Jet Boats
    I'm hopefully getting a 454 block this weekend that has been machined and ready to go for a car application! My question is do the tolerances need to be greater since a marine engine runs more cold? What parts of my build actually need to be marine specific? The current parts in the engine were...
  16. Auto Verdi dry sump. 6 stage

    Parts for Sale
    $800 Six stage pump with fittings
  17. Plug in auto maker layoffs.

    Political Rhetoric
    I think this company has already been on the boards as a failure, but this is just another nail in its coffin. Just more of your tax dollars laundered thru Obama Wash and Fluff. This is actually a one two punch because the battery supplier tank first and drug Fiskers into the shitter with them...
  18. Auto Insurance Question..Fender Damage..Not My Fault

    PB Open Water
    I'm with Farmers Insurance. Before I talk to them I have this question...Someone backed into my rear fender of my truck. Did not leave a note. I'm guessing $1500 in damage, maybe more. I have comprehensive coverage with a $240 deductible. Will my insurance cover the damage? Will my policy go up...
  19. Auto meter tach

    Parts for Sale
    10000 rpm with shift light and mounting bracket. $50 plus ride
  20. auto subscription??

    Community Help
    is there a way to set my profile to auto subscribe to any threads i start but not every thread i post in? i know i can go to my profile and see my started threads that way but i would like to utilize the quick links button instead of 3 or 4 links to get to my perfered location