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  1. Yellow Bacon vs Fryin Pan

    Jet Boats
    Ultra lightweight and all that power.....Dammm!:|err "we're gonna need a bigger boat"...(:)eek(:) Looks great Chris, can't wait to see it run. That thing should be a rocket. Be safe and let us know how the weekend went.
  2. Bacon Explosion

    PB Open Water
    Amazing. I now know what I am eating first when I finish my p90x plan....
  3. Saving McCain's bacon!

    Political Rhetoric
    Watching CNBC tonight when I read the little ticker rolling by stating that the U.S. military has increased strikes in Pakastan. This got me wondering: What if we were able to get Bin Laden in the next week or so? Would that help McCain get 5% more in votes? I'm thinking that he's been hurt...
  4. crisp maple bacon, cheese, eggs on a.....

    PB Open Water
    tortilla for breakfast this AM. MMMMMMMMMMMMM................... :)
  5. 2 for 1 Western Bacon Cheeseburgers

    PB Open Water
    Today, only. Carls Jr's.:)hand
  6. My Hairy Bacon II

    PB Open Water
    Looking for handouts.