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  1. New Bad Ass Anchor...

    V-Drives Go check this anchor's been River tested for nearly three years and is now in production. Designed by Mike Collins in Parker, AZ it is truly the coolest thing built on the market. I'm picking mine up on 9/17 in Parker and can't wait to use it all week in Needles.
  2. Two out of Three not too bad.... is it?

    Political Rhetoric
    Just for giggles and grins, I thought I would google the most despised occupations. I knew the majority of people have a dislike for lawyers as they are the brunt of many jokes, and I wondered if politicians made the list...... Well here it is, Hillary made #1 & #3.... Trump's occupation...
  3. Interior Tear (BAD ASS REPAIR)

    Jet Boats
    Last time i had my boat out the back seat flu out a couple of times. I do not no why boat ant that fast. Anyway it hit the scoop and made a big tear in it. I found this girl she does interior repair (BAD ASS REPAIR) See for your self.
  4. [Question] 71' Eliminator "Bad Attitude" history

    currently painted with big mural "BAD ATTITUDE" was orange at some point in life.. i recently got it and almost have it back on water just waiting on seats. looking for more history on it due to the rarity of Eliminator V-Drive of this style. any history would be great and what this boat was...
  5. Bad Company (hondo flattie)history

    i know there have been other Bad Company hulls. this is a gt deck hondo purchased from Farmer John. just like to have a little previous history on it. says Lake Havasu Yacht Club on transom. i can provided more pictures if needed. thanks in advance for any information!
  6. Cavitation... Bad Cavitation

    Jet Boats
    I have a Rogers, 5.3 LS powered. According to the impeller chart im making somewhere in the neighborhood of 400-425 hp on motor @ 5200 rpm, and about 600 on a 150hp shot spinning about 6200 rpm or so with a B- AT impeller. The boat runs 70 on motor (repeatably have seen higher a couple...
  7. [SOLD] Misc Bad ASS Race Car Parts

    Tow Vehicles, Cars and Parts
    NEW PRICES K&N re-usable air filter - Xstream High Flow Style 14" x 3.5" #66-3120 - $75 Mark Williams /Billet-Carbon Fiber Drive line 36" - $600 - SOLD Chris Alston 4 Link Rods ONLY 16" x 1" DIA - 4EA NEW - $40 SOLD Ladder Bar setup - Brackets and clamps included - CHROME- $100 JW...
  8. Bad as it seems?

    Political Rhetoric
    In a recent post Jimsplace brought up a question that my friend and I often hash over.The question was and this is not the exact wording but close.How much worse things really are now as compared to the past,or is it that we just have more information to know whats happening? MY friend and I...
  9. Ya know, it's too bad.......

    Political Rhetoric
    Planned Parenthood wasn't able to assist Ann Dunham.:kissit: In the latest video produced by the Center for Medical Progress, Holly O'Donnell describes a medical technician using scissors to cut through the face of a newly aborted but nearly fully developed baby boy at a Planned Parenthood...
  10. Can a rudder be straightened or bad idea?

    My brother has a bent wedge style rudder on his flat. He's young and doesn't have a lot of cash. Can it be straightened or would that be a safety issue? It's pushed over about an inch at the bottom. I'd like to set him up with a new one but at $700 that's not in the cards right now. Opinions?
  11. How bad is it???

    Political Rhetoric
    I'm willing to bet there's not any of our resident liberals here that will admit that letting Iran have their nuclear capabilities without inspections and giving them 150 Billion dollars was a bad deal. This is the result of pride. There's not a single one of them who would agree it's a good...
  12. Bad vibration 3k. Pump or ujoint video inc

    Jet Boats
    Hi guys boat had been running great for 10days no issues took it out yesterday had bad vibrations found a rock stuck in output vane of bowl, removed tried again today same issue. Nothing stuck in the grate, or impellar that I can see, wondering if a ujoint popped or something. watching the...
  13. Bad Ass jet boat

    Classic Hot Boats
    Get some of this bad the seats
  14. Cuba - another bad deal

    Political Rhetoric
    Just herd that Obama traded 3 high level spies for the aid worker in Cuba. Another GD aid worker some place they shouldn't be. To bad Obama wasn't in the market for a 2003 Chevy van. I bet I could get 3 corvettes for it. :hmmm:
  15. talking bad bout my threads !

    PB Open Water
    talking bad bout my clothes ! Probably shouldn't be dissin a 6'6" mans Jacket , some funny shit right here. talk about yer b*#ch slap ... :wink2:
  16. Bad enough to go to DMV but...

    PB Open Water
    So yesterday I'm setting next to this dude in a DMV office , when he opts to remove his velcroed plastic walking cast from his left leg and foot , hikes his left foot across his knee and pulls his dirty disgusting sock off and then proceeds to inspect, rub and massage his toes :)st ......
  17. Fuel pump going bad?

    Jet Boats
    Hey guys. Got a 454 in my jet boat. Has been running good so far this season with a preseason tune up(new spark plugs, plug wires, cap and rotor, new fuel filters) on the 4th I started getting some mid throttle bogging and hesitation. It I open the throttle more it seems to go away until I lift...
  18. Is the water bad at firebird

    I heard it is some nasty stuff. Also heard of a line for the water truck to spray you down when you pull out. Is this true?
  19. Mild 302 bad miss above 4500rpm

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have a mild 302 in my 65 Falcon that I pulled out of a 90 GT Mustang. It has a little port work to the stock heads, 1.7 roller rockers, edelbrock performer and a Holley Ultra HP 650DP (I have a Paxton SN-93 which I plan on adding). The ignition is a stock dist. out of an 85 Mustang, Ford...
  20. Bad shifter cable?

    Jet Boats
    Just bought a jet boat that has a regular (non detent) style shifter and it is really hard trying to put it in forward or reverse... I know that steering cables go bad all the time but does the same happen to shifter cables to the point that they become really hard to go forward and reverse? or...