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  1. Bartlett easter weekend

    West Coast - South
    Alright, I'm dieing to get some lake time in. Who's in? Hopefully, there is an unnamed individual who will have his tt boat out there. Let's do this. You all know we have to have the season kick off and this is the unofficial deal. Be there or else. :D
  2. Whens Bartlett

    West Coast - South
    Are we doing another get together at Bartlett? I need to request time off for it if so :no:
  3. Bartlett Lake Summer Kickoff 2011 pics

    Jet Boats
    Great turnout. 100° weather Bryan/Dominator fellasleep a bit too
  4. Bartlett Fri/Sat

    West Coast - South
    (:)eek(:):)handThinking about a Virgin Trip To Parts Un-Known
  5. Bartlett: your thoughts please?

    West Coast - South
    We are taking the toy hauler and the boat to Bartlett this weekend and I need some info since I haven't been there in 13 years. I have a buddy that took his jet & RV last weekend and had a blast. He will be joining us this weekend also but I wanted to hear from any experts where the best place...
  6. Bartlett on memorial weekend roll call

    West Coast - South
    Joedan 23 and myself are going up on thursday to save the beach for us and all our friends. So if you have the urge to head up let us know and we will try to save enough spots for all we have 15 of us in the family . SB cove is where we are headed i think.
  7. Bartlett Sunday ?

    West Coast - South
    anyone up for the trip?, im trying to make it out there
  8. East meets west Bartlett (recap)

    West Coast - South
    No doubt one of my best days boating ever. Water was flat all day long and you could take speed runs at will. Kept the old Ford pinned for most the day and burned all my gas. Horseshoes, beverages, amazing eats (thanks Vin dog and Big Ern aka grillmasters), great group of people and thanks to...
  9. Bartlett lake outing...

    Jet Boats
    Sat 28th for those who don't know and might want to show. bartlett lake at the flats. Meet and great, run what ya brung, generaly hang out and have fun.
  10. Bartlett Pics 10-4-08

    West Coast - South
    Here's a few pics from Saturday. Good to see some East and Westsiders out there. Jake, Blake, and kids, Bigern, Ape, and Lil Ern, Kieth, by the way, my kids want a Daytona now thanks to you! they had a blast on your boat, thanks for taking them out. Dom and family. Good to see you Dom, and good...
  11. Question on Bartlett

    West Coast - South
    Anyone go to Bartlett this past 4th of July weekend? Is the water level down. Any Beach front property?
  12. Bartlett?

    West Coast - South
    Anyone going this weekend 20th- 21 ? Looking to get together with some peeps there Sat or Sun morning. Don't b skeered, I'll be gentle.:D
  13. Bartlett Saturday 5/10

    West Coast - South
    Me and a few friends will be up there with my two jets if anyone would like to hang out and research for next weekend. Bryan 602-686-2893
  14. bartlett lake 92% full?????

    West Coast - South
    has anyone been up there lately? checked out the srp water report and saw that bartlett was 92% full? holy shit! looks like i may run up there for a bit one day this weekend.
  15. Arizona Classic Boats at Bartlett Lake Arizona

    Races and Boating Events
    Arizona Classic Boats at Bartlett Lake Arizona, October 4th 2008 The "unofficial" 3rd annual Arizona Classic Boat Regatta. October 4th 2008. For boats of 1988 and older vintage :)plateJump:)plateJump:)plateJump 2006 27 boats 2007 46+ boats