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  1. Baseball Hot dogs

    Political Rhetoric
    Apple pie, Chevrolet and Sheriff Joe Arpiao! The man is red blooded as any American can be. So much so Derelict Holder has filed civil rights violation charges while he plays a career ending dance with Issa over F&F. "Pro Illegal Immigration Activists" I guess that would be someone who...
  2. Joltin Joe DiMaggio baseball

    PB Open Water
    Just picked me an official Yankee's game ball back from the era with Joltin Joe DiMaggio's autograph on it. Very high rating also. I am stoked. An early fathers day present to myself but will keep this hidden from the family for a long long time. If wife finds out what I paid for it, I will need...
  3. Baseball Gurus Please

    PB Open Water
    Ok, I watch a lot of baseball, namely the D-Backs because I'm retired and they are on so I have become a fan, they're doing pretty well right now BTW but here's my question. In todays game in the ninth inning (D-Backs are visitors) they are up by 4-1 over the Marlins. Their closer is getting...
  4. Baseball Card Collection For Sale

    Other Stuff for Sale
    This is an insane collection: About 7 years ago I went through over 30,000 baseball cards one-by-one and pulled out every card that was a "common card" (value < $0.15) and sold those. This collection has no "commons". ALL of the individual cards are in hard plastic sleeves. Topps...
  5. Baseball Fans-----

    PB Open Water
    Check out this week's Sports Illustrated for a great article on 16 year Basebal Phenom Bryce Harper from Las Vegas HS. The kid has hit 570' home runs in games, won a HR derby in TB's Tropicana Field that traveled 502' and still going when it hit the back of the domed stadium, averaging 469'...
  6. Flip-Flops and Baseball Caps Raise Cancer Risk

    PB Open Water
    Flip-Flops and Baseball Caps Raise Cancer Risk Thursday, May 21, 2009 9:31 AM Cheap, convenient and casual, baseball caps and flip-flops have acquired a trendy charm. Those qualities have made them must-wear accessories for teens, outdoor enthusiasts, gardeners or anyone trying to keep cool...
  7. The greatest play in Baseball history...

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  8. Baseball Fans

    PB Open Water
    Have been helping this customer for a few days. He first came in yesterday and needed a gas door for his 08 gmc. Guess sumone stole his and he needs a replacement. Has texas plates so i figure there here for the texas/oh game. He says no i play ball for the rangers. I totally remember his face...
  9. Phoenix area Baseball Players needed

    PB Open Water
    Winter season is starting for us in our 29+ league. If you can play, we are looking for 1 or 2 good players. This season is only 7 or 8 games long and lasts until Feb. March, spring training (8 games) begins and May the regular 20 game season begins. Our first game is Sunday in Phoenix. If...
  10. Any baseball players here, AZ

    PB Open Water
    I am on a team in the AZMSBL, a local league here in the Phoenix area. It is a 29 and over league. This is my first season playing in about 6 years and I am having a blast. We need another good pitcher. Anyone here in AZ play? Know anyone who can throw? Thanks!
  11. Good to see El Toro baseball on top!!

    PB Open Water
    My sons graduated in 96 and that was the last time I know of that E.T. had a good baseball team (but I havent followed them to closely I admit). One of my closest friends back then is the Grand father of the pitcher in this game and he should be very proud of his accomplishment. The man donated...
  12. Baseball Fans......

    PB Open Water
    Trying to remember the guys name that used to announce all the old time games.... I'm talking back in the 60-70's. And I believe he also played in the "Major League" movies? Anyone know his name?
  13. Ladies and Gentlmen, It's Now BASEBALL SEASON!!

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    WooooHoooo!! Go Angels!! Its gonna be a good year!! :D
  14. BASEBALL GURUS on scoring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm bored so here you go:D Scenario; Runner on first takes his lead; Pitcher starts his motion from the set position and comes to first; Runner is caught leaning and starts toward 2nd base and results in run down play with runner being tagged out, simple play right? How do you score the out...
  15. Who's ready for Baseball season?

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    Who's your team?
  16. Ready for Baseball!!

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    Man I can't wait until April! Go Astros!