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  1. New Member in Big Bear SoCal area

    New member Introductions
    Hey All! Thanks for the ad. Been lurking and reading threads here long enough. Figured it was time to be a part of the boating society. Picked up a new to me Cobra Viper for family fun. I want to start making more trips to the river but need to get a system down, (less expensive hotels...
  2. Big Bear House Insurance???

    PB Open Water
    We just purchased a house up there but our AAA insurance won't touch big bear, as well as many of the big names in the insurance game. Any recommendations?
  3. Unknown Flat in Big Bear

    I started a thread here. Thought some of you may be interested Norm
  4. Unknown Flat in Big Bear

    Boats for Sale
    First of all, I have no dog in this fight. This is a boat that I have passed several times and thought someone may be interested. This boat is on the side of the highway in Big Bear Lake, CA. It's old, it's really rough and it's flat. There is no HIN visible on the stern. It looks like it...
  5. Texter Almost Runs Into a Bear

    PB Open Water
    Has anyone seen this? Hiliarious.:D Texting Guy Almost Runs Into A Bear - YouTube
  6. Look what they did to my bear"""

    PB Open Water
  7. Bear Down's Bday!! March 30-April 1st!

    PB Open Water
    So we are heading to Havasu for the tail end of spring break for my hubby's bday!!! This year we are renting a Cabana Boat in the Channel so that we can consume all we'd like and not have to worry about it!!! :thumb: We are staying at the Nautical Too!! We are going to "try" to see if we can...
  8. this chick is loaded fo bear!

    PB Open Water
    ...not sure what that means, but this gal is hot! Miami Heart Melter - Liz Lugo Hooters Dream Girl 2012 - YouTube
  9. [Trade] Big bear vacation swap/rental

    Other Stuff for Sale
    If anyone is interested I am looking to swap/trade some vacation dates for a Lake Havasu home/condo for my Big Bear Cabin. You can check the cabin out at Fox Farm Vacation Rental - VRBO 384630 - 4 BR Big Bear Lake Cabin in CA, 5 Star Cabin Rental "Priceless Getaway" in Big Bear Lake . I am...
  10. Big Bear Vacation Swap

    PB Open Water
    If anyone is interested in swapping their vacation home in Lake Havasu contact me. I have a cabin up in Big Bear Lake and would like to swap some rental. You can view the home at Fox Farm Vacation Rental - VRBO 384630 - 4 BR Big Bear Lake Cabin in CA, 5 Star Cabin Rental "Priceless Getaway" in...
  11. Big Bear cabin to rent?

    PB Open Water
    Anyone got a cabin they would rent out for the weekend? I have rented from members on here before in Havasu. They told me that they would rent to me anytime. Keep things clean and very respectful of property. Lookin to go up this weekend.
  12. Ex Chicago Bear snubs the White House

    PB Open Water
    This may get redirected to another section of the forum but I enjoyed the read. President Barack Obama recently extended an invite to the 1985 Chicago Bears for a long-delayed visit to the White House. One Hall of Famer from that team will not be making the trip. Former Bears defensive tackle...
  13. Anyone gonna be in Bear Creek, WI this Saturday?

    PB Open Water
    Looks like a twin turbo BBF in that Sanger picklefork jet. Not my deal, just looked interesting.... Nolan Sales - Auction Listings
  14. [Pics] Looking for photo's or the old Smokey the Bear Hydro?

    Also if anyone has photo's of the Flat Crazy flat bottom and my all time favorite Ass Bite!
  15. Big bear or silverwood?

    PB Open Water
    Ok, Ive never been to either lake and I am looking for some input. Which is a better lake to take the boat to? It would just be me and my lady going out for a cruise. Any suggestions.
  16. Manx Buggy-Big Bear Run

    PB Open Water
    Any one one the boards going to the Big Bear Buggy run this weekend? Over 100 buggies registered. Shold be fun.
  17. Heading to Big Bear for the weekend....

    PB Open Water
    I remember hearing some mention to run octane booster at altitude. Is this correct? If so how much? Is it best to run 91? I'm running a 6.2L in a Ultra 247XS. Fill me in.
  18. Boat Rental in Big Bear

    PB Open Water
    I have a customer that is taking his family to Big Bear over the fourth of July weekend. Does anyone know where I can point him to that is not a toon. He wants a little runabout. Thanks
  19. Big Bear Cabins, looking to get away.

    PB Open Water
    Wife and I wanna get away for the weekend, any one here have a cabin they wanna rent?
  20. Mt baldy vs Big Bear...???

    PB Open Water
    I cant find that thread about Baldy? Does anyone know the conditions? Trying to get some turns Friday and Saturday I will make is short and sweet Baldy or Bear???? Merry Christmas :)devil