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  1. Glen Beck 100 million dollar man

    Political Rhetoric
    Wow! This nut-job is making some serious bank !!! Scary that there are so many dimwits who listen to his propaganda and buy his advertiser's wares. Beck is more proof that Corporate Fascist conservative bullshit sells. Romney and the Mormon Church have a top propaganda minister with convert Beck...
  2. Tall beck intake to Low deck intake

    User "How To" Section
    Is it possible to take a tall deck intake and turn it into a low deck intake?? From 10.2 to 9.8????
  3. Glen Beck Visits Israel

    Political Rhetoric
    Looks like the Jews and the Mormons are pals now. Only fanatic propaganda can come from this relationship. America cannot afford to support Israel anymore. They must be hoping Beckerheads will send them money. Maybe Beck will convert to Judaism? Religious fanatism is sure getting old nowdays...
  4. Jeff Beck finally

    PB Open Water
    After being a Jeff Beck for 40 plus years ,I got to see him perform live at the ryman in Nashville tonite this guy really knows his way around a Guitar.I lasted about 15 minutes before I had to put in ear plugs.He was shreding the place.
  5. Looks like Beck can join Olbermann

    Political Rhetoric
    It seems Fox has grown tired of Beck's outlandish nonsense too. hil:)hil:)hil:)hil:) Beck ending show on Fox – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs
  6. Glenn Beck

    Political Rhetoric
    I have watched Glenn Beck the past few night before I have gone to bed and have a few honest observations. Beck seems to talk really slow and explain things very simply, pausing what seems like after every sentence, kind of like how you might explain things to a child or someone with...
  7. Defend Glenn Beck

    Political Rhetoric
    Recently George Soros and media matters have launched a highly effective e-mail campaign to advertisers of the Glenn Beck program. this campaign has resulted in multiple large advertisers leaving the program after they were bombarded by the typical liberal threats. Click this link...
  8. Glenn Beck

    Political Rhetoric
    Who here watches this guy? Ive been slowly turned on to his show over the last month or two. In my opinion, this guy is one of the best hosts on tv. Great stuff. A rude awakening to the massive coruption in our government. Too bad more mainstream media doesnt report like he does...
  9. Glen Beck

    Political Rhetoric
    Did anyone listen to Glen on the radio this morning? He quoted a couple of Dem congressmen strategizing that the Obama tax cut for the 95% of us will not pay the bills for this Federal Government expansion and that out of security for the upcoming 2010 election cycle that they should allow them...
  10. 1000 hp Beck Marine Engine BDS BLOWER COMPLETE

    Parts for Sale
    540 CI. BECK MARINE RACING ENGINE 1000 hp It has a BDS 1071 Blower,Super chiller intercooler,Dual Holly 1050 dominators, Comes with CMI headers and tail pipes, Motor is used with about 19 hours on it. She is ready to plug and play operation. Comes Complete for 17,900.00 obo."Bring all offers...