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  1. Powerboat beer

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Just stopped to buy beer, and found POWERBOAT Belgian White handcrafted and brewed in Royal Oak, MI. Had to buy it. I'll let you know how it is. Don't buy to many craft beers.
  2. FOr the BEER LOVERS...

    PB Open Water
    THis is pretty interesting and well done documentary... Just a FYI... Before Prohibition, A.B. was small potatoes here in St Louis... Lemp was the king in STL and just about every block had a german "brew house"...
  3. Happy National Drink Beer Day!!! September 28th.

    PB Open Water
    'Hoppy' National Drink Beer Day: Free beer, events & brew deals across America - National Holidays | :drinkin: :drinkin: :drinkin: :drinkin: :drinkin:
  4. Beer Belly

    PB Open Water
    So I kinda got in trouble today, I ask a little cutie customer who looked quite a bit pregnant ... so whens your baby due ? She replied Oh I'm not pregnant , its just baby fat :duh: B oy did I feel dumb guess theres another approach ? (:)eek(:)
  5. [Video] Throw em a beer

    PB Open Water
  6. Beer shelf life?

    PB Open Water
    I have a dozen cases of home brew bottled several years back , what the shelf life is it safe to consume Tom
  7. Off to beer, woops deer camp

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Figured some of you might do a little hunting too, you can show your pics here. Hope I will have some pics sunday. Good luck to those that are hunting the 15th.:))THumbsUp
  8. Carib beer

    Jet Boats
    Hey, on my way to The Dallas area and would like to bring a few cases of Carib beer back. Anyone know where I can get some?
  9. Grab some beer and popcorn for this one!

    I bought something from a guy on the boards here and it came to me in pieces. I pm him to ask if he has another one because it came broken IMO because it was wrapped in old news paper not a good way to pack a item. :))ThumbsDwn He tells me that's ok because it is insured and UPS will get a hold...
  10. A Beer for Kenny (Trimman)

    PB Open Water
    4/10 marks the anniversary of his passing, anyone wishing to join me in sharing a "silver bullet" with Kenny, please meet at his memorial in the channel at 6pm
  11. Beer and wine bring down the euro!

    Political Rhetoric
    So whos fault is this. I am certain the libtards will be fast to blame the finacial sector, or even the greedy Helga for concieving the evil scheme, although no unemployeed drunkards were harmed, and she went bankrubt. No matter, no self respecting libtard dimbulb will blame the unemployeed...
  12. Beer Budget

    PB Open Water
    Has anyone noticed that the price of beer has gone up? In my area, Tampa, my normal beers Coors Light and Miller Light are around $20 per case. In trying to save some money at the grocery store, i thought I would try some cheaper brews. So far I've tried Natural Light and Busch. I am not...
  13. [For Sale] Beer Signs

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Beer Signs, Make me a offer on them all or the ones you want.
  14. Beer prices!!!

    PB Open Water
    I went to the Frisco/Charger game last night at the Q and a 16 oz domestic beer is now $9!!! Holy shit!! Unbelievable. Bought 2 and quit drinking. Can't afford those prices.
  15. TX Mom stops Beer thieves

    PB Open Water
    Just saw this on FOX , This is a Mom with Cajones~ Ya just don't steal beer in this Ladys domain and get away ! (also as an added bonus watch the cop in the end , Best laugh I've had in a while ! Git r done ! :)devil Video captures woman going after suspected beer thieves at Wal-Mart |
  16. Happy Birthday Titties and Beer

    PB Open Water
    Happy Birthday Mark. You sure have made this last year interesting:)devil:)devil
  17. Beer cocktails

    PB Open Water
    A friend of ours starred in this video...thought it was pretty funny.
  18. Beer to fuel ratio

    WFL Crew
    I drink 3 gals and burn 20gals so whats my ratio i'm not a math wiz ;):D
  19. New beer for this river season!

    Jet Boats
  20. Beer summit

    PB Open Water
    I keep saying no way in hell and you can't make this chit up.And still It keeps happening with this guy.I worked for a old timer years ago and one day I said, I've seen it all now,He told me son theirs a world of chit you've not seen yet.The funny thing is if this was Bush the media would be...