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  1. Parts for Sale
    Berk R nozzle with removable insert and "ram's horn" reverse gate. New o-ring. Pivot pins & tiller inc. $390. 949-631-2040
  2. Parts for Sale
    Berk G bowl for sale.. Located in Lake Elsinore .CA $350
  3. Parts for Sale
    I need an open loader for Berk in a tunnel hull. I have a blocker in it now that kills it.
  4. Parts for Sale
    Complete Berk split bowl pump. Complete with nozzle adapter. Pump turns over smooth and appears to be an aluminum imp. Good starting point.... $700 OBO.... Pump is located in Lake Elsinore CA.
  5. Jet Boats
    OK guys, I'm having some issues with my the pump on my new boat and want to get some input before I start screwing stuff up. First off, oil for the bowl. Got the boat, removed the plugs, blew through the cavity and saw approximately nothing come out the other side. Filled up with some 90wt...
  6. Parts for Sale
    Split bowl in great shape. Located in Lake Elsinore CA. $300 obo
  7. Parts for Sale
    looking to buy an inducer for a berkeley pump
  8. Jet Boats
    Gentlemen, My Berk Suction just forward of the Impeller is breaking away. My thrust bearing didn't let go & the clearances were set right by CP Performance. Not sure what caused this, but what are the options for replacing the original piece? Is there a big difference between suctions from...
  9. Parts for Sale
    Panther pump with diverter, home made bowl to fit berk style diverter 500 for all or separate Berk pump complete pump out 350 No cracks or welds in any. Other berk stuff 9802239984 nate
  10. Jet Boats
    I'm the guy that's been running my homebuilt water jet pack off my Berkeley. In the beginning of the testing stages this summer the first few hours we had no problems with air or seizure, just a matter of time, finally had a small seizure. I've been using the standard berk white ropes. Should I...
  11. Parts for Sale
    Polished Berkeley transom adapter. $100.00 OBO + ride. 707-365-1802 Brian
  12. Jet Boats
    I have a Berk 12jg and would like to know if tapping a Zerk fitting into the packing ring housing delivers grease to the shaft well... ? If so is there any particular location that's best? Thanks
  13. Jet Boats
    This is a project that has been going on for the better part of several months. I read about the benefits of doing this a few years ago, and had been thinking of it since. I know you can buy a G bowl, or an American Turbine, but I like to do things myself and to save a few bucks! I am going to...
  14. Parts for Sale
    Complete split bowl Berkeley pump with nozzle and driveline. Works good, comes with the Berk TA housing. I'll have pics tomorrow. Has alum A imp. $450 obo
  15. Parts for Sale
    Polished Berk R nozzle with 8 inserts, The inserts range from 3.030 to 3.125 >>> $250.00 Shipped to your door !!!!! Located in Clarksville, TN 37040
  16. Jet Boats
    Was just curious if anyone with a std intake tunnel and at least a grand in hp made the switch from your basic droop to a place hph mini droop? What kinda nozzle angle do you run to race?thinkin about making the switch but wanted to hear some opinions on them first.i dont need alot of transom...
  17. Parts for Sale
    For sale a Berkley 4 degree intake that has been drilled for keel data. Has a two degree backcut billet shoe, billet bowl cradle, ride plate, and ride plate stiffners the shoe, shims, cradle and ride plate was built and all work was done by B1 also comes with an MPD loader not pictured. the...
  18. Jet Boats
    found an old berkley jet drive owners manual, it mentions something about a weed chopper option. anybody know about these or run one i imagine it to be like an inducer, but pics would help too...
  19. Parts for Sale
    pump fresh, excellent condition, a impeller, with nozzle and transom plate #50.00, obo in west phoenix(Glendale) 602 422 5162
  20. Parts for Sale
    Large turn fin, good condition $50 shipped
1-20 of 106 Results