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  1. Perfect 16' Biesmeyer ski boat

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    Helping out another friend..... The sweet lady who owns this boat had her husband pass away. He only had the chance to use it once before passing. Unfortunately she does not have a use for it and wants it gone. As the title says it is a 16' biesmeyer that was completely restored by eddies...
  2. 2002 biesmeyer k boat

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  3. [Announcment] '80s Biesmeyer for sale -

    Steve McElroy has a '80s Biesmeyer for sale in the "Boats for Sale" section - check it out !!!
  4. [SOLD] 80's Biesmeyer - former "Ski Racer" for sale.

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    80's Biesemeyer - former "Ski Racer" for sale. For Sale:- in Southern Calif. a former "Ski Racer"- '80s Biesemeyer. Sadly neglected but easily rescued. Boat is complete (except seats) including Casale V-drive, steering, all engine mounts, foot over-ride cavation plate hardware, fuel...
  5. 70 biesmeyer for sale

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    Had this boat for a couple years now is time for her to go I got 5 kids that hate because they are scared of it will sell without motor for 3000 or with motor 5500 also looking for a jet that seats atleast 5 would be willing to trade off im in phoenix 623-258-1220 thanks.....
  6. Biesmeyer

    I am trying to find out as much info I can on this boat.I went and too a look at it yesterday and it is done right.Just would like
  7. Biesmeyer

    Does anyone have any history on the Biesmeyer.I went and checked it out yesterday.From what I can see,the boat is done right.Has anyone seen this boat run?I am just trying to get more imput before I pull the trigger.Thanks
  8. [SOLD] 1975 Biesmeyer flat bottom

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  9. 1970 Biesmeyer Circle boat

    1970 Biesemeyer????????? Circle boat I just picked up a boat late last summer and had it out once. Gearing up to get it ready for this summer. Carbs need a rebuild/recalibration for sure. Its a 1970 Biesmeyer, 455 pontiac/250hp of nitrous, 37% overdriven, will do 102mph in the quarter on...
  10. Under 23' 75 Biesmeyer 19ft

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    Redone completely from the trailer to the hull and motor! 1975 Biesmeyer flatbottom with a bbc 396 bored 60 over. runs on aviation fuel,Vortex magnito, roller rockers, highrise with 1050 dominator carb. Cassel drive. Flip switch push button start and go!!!! Basset wet headers that are Jethot...
  11. Biesmeyer Hull on Phx CL not mine

    Not mine, it's on Phx Craig's List with phone number I have an 18ft Biesmeyer haul with new side rails. also have about 90% of the parts that have been redone or needs redone. NO ENGINE. Haul has been stripped by hand, has balsa wood floors. You race guys know what this is, so dont waist my...
  12. any old biesmeyer owners here"""

    PB Open Water
    like 50s??? man those were the good ole days..
  13. Julian's First Biesmeyer #50

    Julian Pettengill's first Biesemeyer #50 (duct tape) numbers!! Photo taken at Canyon Lake during a ski race which he participated as to qualify in the Hot Boat competition, thus starting his Biesemeyer carrier!! Spudz (John Lane) :airplane:
  14. Calling all Biesmeyer fans...

    WHo the heck knows what this thing really is... iesmeye
  15. 1982 Biesmeyer Jet Boat

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    1982 Biesemeyer Jet Boat SUPER CLEAN 1982 BIESMEYER JET BOAT, LIGHTWEIGHT HULL, 468 BBC, BERKLEY PUMP(set back),NEW HEADERS boat runs great $10,000.00 OBO. CALL FOR DETAILS 602-614-0560 ALSO LOOKING FOR SMALL PONTOON TRADE + CASH:)devil