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  1. Mideast and Great Lakes
    Hot boat gathering brookville lake in. Around noon at the dam ramp sept 19
  2. Mideast and Great Lakes
    Hot bot gathering. Brookville lake Indiana sept 20. At the dam ramp around noon
  3. Races and Boating Events
    Brookville lake Indiana sept 20. At the dam ramp meet at noon
  4. V-Drives wife was cleaning out her old desk and ran across some programs and stuff from our early days racing. Brought back some memories so I thought I'd post some of this stuff. Early Oroville race from 88.They did another the next year in 89. Gary Kinkaid on the cover , when pink was cool...
  5. V-Drives
    Who do I go to have a blast plate made and installed? I am in the Chino Hills area. Also, what would be a fair price? Thanks...
  6. V-Drives
    Trying to get this right the first time guys... Does anyone have a picture of an installed blast plate from underneath a boat so I can see placement? My dilemma is this: I was trying to get the blast-plate as close to the strut as possible. I was going to use the most aft 2 bolts of the...
  7. V-Drives
    I know there was a thread with regard to blast plate material and which way the grain is supposed to go but I can't find it when I searched for it. Can someone point me to the thread I'm talking about? So here I am... I have almost all of the underwater gear done with my flatbottom but will be...
  8. Jet Boats
    Jet Dinghy, Build and test, NZ - YouTube
  9. Mideast and Great Lakes
    it that time of the year annual boating get together at brookville lake indiana oct. 13 time 12:00 pm at the dam ramp looking forward to seeing everyone
  10. Alexi Sahagian
    Sebring Runs Great Alexi. Its a little long and noisy but this ride was fun- scares the panties off the chicks! LaveyCraft Sebring on Lake Hogan - YouTube Stabilzing the video create weird warping- I may re upload. THis rig is just a blast with the steering lightweight an power. How...
  11. Other Stuff for Sale
    Looking for something decent, used, and not a lot of money. :duh:
  12. PB Open Water
    Photo/caption and accompanying ad (both related to the L.A. Boat Show), from the Long Beach Press-Telegram, January 8, 1959.
  13. PB Open Water
    Presenting a new recurring feature: An archival newspaper article focusing on a performance-boat builder. In honor of Sunsation's 30-year anniversary, we kick it off with a 20-year-old clipping from the Capital newspaper of Annapolis, Maryland dated May 30, 1991.
  14. Mideast and Great Lakes
    get them fast boats out to brookville lake indiana oct. 1 at noon we will be meeting at the dam ramp had a great turn out last yearl ets make it bigger this year thanks steve
  15. WFL Crew
    Renee' and I had a blast this weekend! Met some new people and saw some fimilar ones! Isn't that what all this is about? I would like to thank Tint and Poo for some good Pittsburg hot links YUMMM and Snatch and M. for some great steaks and fixings! IT WAS ALL GOOD!:))THumbsUp Now for the...
  16. Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Hello Citizens: May 7th will be the OHBA official Summer Blast Off Party @ Okmulgee lake in the front area. Like last year the club will provide the grub. We had a great turn out last year and expect it to be even bigger this year. We plan on starting it off about noon, and eating around...
  17. V-Drives
    Seems like I shouldn't have this problem on a 60mph day cruiser but I have a pretty good chunk of fiberglass missing about 6 inches behind my prop. I filled it with marinetex once and just noticed that it's all gone. Is there any way to add a plate without flipping the boat and cutting into the...
1-19 of 25 Results