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  1. Boa!!

    PB Open Water
    Again,going to implement fees for services. Thanks, we bailed your Lame Ass out and now you stick us!! I'm done and moving tomorrow. :))ThumbsDwn
  2. Boa!!

    Political Rhetoric
    FOX!! just had a segment on BOA and they are in serious trouble.I was interested in the "EXPERT" who was asked if the U.S. will let them fail or bail,he said we have to save them:))ThumbsDwn.It is time to let these POS go down we already gave them a bail out.. The BOA released a statement that...
  3. BOA screws the little guy AGAIN!

    Political Rhetoric
    So when WAMU started to go under I jumped ship and move over to BOA. Free checking they said. Now I get a letter in the mail yesterday and BOA is changing their account structure and adding FEES. Yes fees for them to use MY MONEY! And guess what.... the little guy, the guy that lives pay...
  4. IHBA Boa Drags Chowchilla June 27-29

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Anybody going from the dlb? We'll be there boat PE4017 Crafty Lee, stop by and say hi.:)