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  1. ultimate bunk boards?

    I just saw this Ultimate bunk board thing and I got curious if anyone ever used these? how good are they? it says no more carpet or wood to buy and the bunks are super smooth which kinda worred me I don't want the boat trying to slide off the trailer and only being held by the front bow eye...
  2. [Wanted] 9ft 10ft foam paddle boards for my kids

    Other Stuff for Sale
    there grown up now and she surfs and ol dad said let me find you some foam paddle boards to surf with and paddle sup in the harbour..... before i buy new anybody got a couple they dont use any more...........long shot but u never know...already checked craigslist....:)Unsure
  3. [Announcment] Scammer prowleing boards

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    Scammer goes by Micheal area code 951 307-8906 on the boards text only response no callback#' same old stuff have Pay pal cant see stuff you know the rest WATCH OUT Wild Bill
  4. SKIDDER) here on the boards is the man.....thank u

    as most of you know skidder new I was looking for seat braces for the stevens so he made me these...PICS BELOW......fricken awesome so the other day he pms me heard you need gages and and don't want to drill holes in the dash..i would be glad to make you some thing.... WELL THIS CAME IN THE...
  5. Is T'bagn still on the boards

    I think I spelled his profile name correctly. He lived in Norcal and had bad ass blown gas flat bottom. We purchased that motor from him about 6 years ago and I'm wondering if he remembers what the static compression is. We are making some changes to the motor and I'd like to avoid pulling...
  6. any patent attornys on the boards?

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    i have a new design for raod bikes that will break all speed records ever set by a bicycle. and still road friendly to ride around town. i have a bike dealership on the hook but need someone to do all the paper work that is upcoming. the bike is a working prototype ready for market. it's a 30...
  7. Any Crane Operators on the boards?

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    I need a Jacuzzi lifted into my back yard. Any referrals? Thanks, Dennis
  8. Any Audi Dealers on the Boards?

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    Looking to get into an A5... Hoping someone here works at a Dealership OR has a hook up of some sort!! :)bulb Thanks in advance! Monica
  9. Anyone on the boards a Lawyer?

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    Need to file a Civil Lawsuit against two companies... need some help ASAP!!! Thank you!
  10. Can we get back to what made me join the boards

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    in the first place????
  11. Any roofers on the boards?

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    I need to find some tiles for my roof that somehow broke, anybody that can help out would be appreciated.
  12. Do we have a Toyota Sales Rep on the boards?

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    My cousin is looking to purchase a new Toyota Tacoma for work. I wanted to start here to try and help out a fellow board member. He's in Orange County Ca, but we could head to LA/Riverside. Please send me a PM with your ph#. Thanks-David
  13. Could use some advise...making fender boards for boat trailer.

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    I was struggling to even know what to call them....basicaly the padded board that seperates your boat from the trailer fenders. My trailer came with none...even tied boat has gotten into the fenders a time or 2. I just painted my boat and want to address this before she leaves the...
  14. Any California Attorneys on the boards?

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    As some know I had my 66 mercedes stolen when the shop I had left it at LEFT THE KEYS IN IT AND "WENT TO LUNCH". The car was found and as everyone warned me was completely stripped. Every piece of chrome, hardtop, grill, all original dash components, was neatly disected by...
  15. Anyone from the boards do custom Nametags?

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    I don't need a lot, but need to have some custom name tags done. Thanks!
  16. Anyone from the boards do nametags?

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    I don't need a lot but need to have some custom name tags done. Thanks
  17. Any "old" waterski racers on the boards ?

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    Got a phone call last night, Rick Cowles died yesterday in Lake Elsinore. Police found him in the parking lot at the bottom of the Ortega hwy., early yesterday morning. I went to see his Mom this morning, no official cause of death as of yet, just lots of un-answered questions. Things had been...
  18. As predicted by many on the boards.........

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    WASHINGTON – The number of homeowners ensnared in the foreclosure crisis grew by more than 70 percent in the third quarter of this year compared with the same period in 2007, according to data released Thursday. Nationwide, nearly 766,000 homes received at least one foreclosure-related notice...
  19. The Condition of our Economy is Evident on the Boards

    Political Rhetoric
    Starting to read post of families loosing their homes. No "thanks Jay" posts with pix of their new rides. No more posts of new boats. No pix of peoples new homes. I believe that Wall Street was trying to make it past the election before they dropped this bailout bombshell and just couldn't...
  20. Any chrome platers on boards

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    lookin to fix a vett rim just needs to be redone