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  1. [Announcment] The passing of a "long time" boating guy !!

    Steve McElroy passed away October 9, 2018 ! He was a "good guy" and well known to many of us "West Coast" boaters. RIP Steve !! Lynn "Pie" Youngs
  2. Pirates Cove boating accident

    West Coast - South
    I just read on the morning news there was a boating accident on the Colorado River between Pirates Cove and Toprock. According to the report a Hallet and a Sleekcraft collided head on resulting in all the occupants of both boats being ejected and both boats sank. One person in critical condition...
  3. Get all the boating in that you can ...

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Winter's Coming :wink2:
  4. Any Mutha's boating Sat May 12?

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Any of you Mutha's getting your boats wet on Saturday?
  5. Anyone NOT going to Desert Storm...Delta Boating???

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Hoping to get out Saturday...
  6. Sat March 31 anyone up for a lil boating?

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Maybe Nice Pair can get his Hovercraft down out of the rafters and onto his new custom showpiece trailer. Then maybe he can get directions from a Pirate how to get it onto the water. I'm not sure who can teach him how to operate that vessel again.
  7. Anyone boating Sun Oct 15th ??

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Anybody gonna be on the Delta Sun Oct 15th ??
  8. Lhma position statement -- boating safety

    PB Open Water
    The Lake Havasu Marine Association is dedicated to the promotion of safe and pleasurable boating for all. However, what is usually a highly anticipated renewal of on-the-water fun and recreation along the lower Colorado River, has been marred by an inordinate number of serious boating accidents...
  9. KY boating pics

    The boating season is winding down here in KY.So I decided to take the boat out this morning.
  10. Switching to Boating

    New member Introductions
    Been reading the forum for awhile for information and finally joined. Currently looking at getting out of drag racing, currently run a nostalgia front engine dragster and getting a boat so the whole family can enjoy going fast. Mainly would be boating on Lake Tahoe. Glad to be aboard
  11. Toys for tots boating event this weekend

    PB Open Water
    The toys for tots boating event is this weekend. Hoping to meet all the boaters going it will be a fun event . Freeze frame Videos will be there shooting pictures and putting them in frames for those who would like pictures. We will be helping Rus Matos and will be sporting out new shirts so you...
  12. Boom Boom Boom and Boating

    PB Open Water
    Boom Boom Boom and Boating06/15/2015 0 Comments Summer glorious summer! I can say that because working in the school system this is the reward for many days of working hard to give our students everything they need and now…rest and renewing. Make no mistake by the time August rolls around...
  13. Boating with BMC and Booking the Beach.

    PB Open Water
    Boating with BMC and Booking the Beach.05/01/2015 0 Comments Last weekend my hubby got to join the BMC boats cruise club at an event on the Harris chains for members of their boating club. They left from the ramps at downtown Lake Dora and then motored over to Hurricanes, exploring the lakes...
  14. Baskets , Bunnies and Boating

    PB Open Water
    Baskets , Bunnies and Boating04/09/2015 0 Comments Easter is filled with baskets, bunnies, ham dinners and egg hunts but we’ve added a new family tradition of boating. Well it’s not real new I’d say the last three years we’ve headed out for an Easter boating afternoon. My family all lives out...
  15. Boating enthusiast seeking feedback

    New member Introductions
    Information about marina docking and berthing Hello I am in the final portion of my MBA program at Babson College. We are doing some primary research to understand and potentially improve boaters experience with marina and docking. Would you please help us and fill out this anonymous research...
  16. Our first book Adventure in Boating Family Boating Guide

    PB Open Water
    Our first book on Amazon E-Books. Adventure in Boating Family Guide to Boating . My wife is a awesome writer. I am always amazed of how she comes up with things to write and how she puts it all together.
  17. Let's See Your Boating Pics!

    PB Open Water
    Post up pics of your boats or pics of fun on the water! I just picked up a Baja 232 Boss.
  18. The Bond of Boating

    PB Open Water
    The Bond of Boating03/18/2015 0 Comments This past weekend we found ourselves not only with beautiful spring weather but almost summer temps as we made a quick switch from winter to spring but we’re not complaining will take all the warm sunny days we can get. It was an all boys weekend as...
  19. Do you practice safe boating?

    PB Open Water
    Do you practice safe boating?03/12/2015 0 Comments Well its official we’re calling it spring! This past Sunday we enjoyed a great day out on the water and our first suntan of the season. The waterways were busy with lots of folks out enjoying the weather. We’re hearing from folks up north...
  20. Lets go boating!

    Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Any dates for up coming get together, whens boating start around here!