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  1. WTB/Looking For 4 bolt Main BBC Block.

    Parts for Sale
    Anyone have one laying around? Or even a short block? I’m in the Central Valley of liberal run/maddening California. Thank, Bill.
  2. [SOLD] 12 bolt gm rear end

    Tow Vehicles, Cars and Parts
    Selling a 12 bolt GM complete rear end. Moser axles 410 gears inside of rear spotless. Asking $1850.00 Removed from 70 Chevelle SS
  3. BBC 4 bolt Tall deck

    Parts for Sale
    Big Block Chevy Tall Deck engine block $700 Truck block #473478 4 Bolt Current bore 4.275 Larry 714 345-7253
  4. BBC 2 bolt main studs $60

    Parts for Sale
    135-5402 Studs Brand New. 2 bolt main block. Nuts and washers in the white packages. Price includes shipping. New Port Richey, FL 918 two six nine 8084.
  5. No balancer bolt

    Bob Teague
    Ever have stuff fly apart because the balancer bolt was missing?
  6. 454 4 bolt main

    Parts for Sale
    anybody have a 454 .030 over 4 bolt main they are looking to get rid of?
  7. WTB-BBC Splayed mains caps 4 bolt

    Parts for Sale
    Looking a set of Big block chevy 4 bolt main caps that are splayed and may consider straight bolts too. Billet caps Milodon Pro gram Cipco Howards 928-814-0095 thanks Ken
  8. [SOLD] Bolt on ride plate

    Parts for Sale
    Bolt on ride plate for 12JC, from Hi-tech. $60 plus the ride, in So Cal, Redondo. Prefer local pickup.
  9. Blower as a bolt on?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have a 22 Daytona with a 509, single carb, iron heads, HEI ignition, runs on 91 pump gas(not sure exactly what compression is), full roller, Bravo One outdrive with dual hydraulic steering. I have an 8-71 Blower Shop blower with all the pully's, etc. that I am considering adding to this...
  10. Edelbrock Polished Tunelram with 650's Complete everything Needed to bolt tunelram on

    Parts for Sale
    Edelbrock Tunnel ram for BBC with Rec ports. Polished ram comes with 2 650 double pump holley carbs , comes with all Braided lines, comes with Fuel press. regulator, comes with all Linkage for side mount carbs , Carbs have the Hard Stainless lines .Also have the 2 cheap spark arrestors for it...
  11. [For Sale] HD2500-3500, 2001-2010. 14bolt. Complete rear axle assembly.

    Tow Vehicles, Cars and Parts
    Never installed into my truck. 13.5 ring gear. 14 bolt. 3:73 ratio. $800.00
  12. 4 bolt drive hubs, stainless Thermo kit

    Parts for Sale
    1.25 shaft dia w/ 5/16 keyway x 3.75 dia bolt pattern , tapped 3/8"-24 1.375 shaft dia w/ 5/16" keyway x 3.10 bolt dia , non threaded holes ( might be 392 Hemi? ) $ 30 each plus shipping I can measure the holes better, if you want me to, just tell me what direction...
  13. I need a Lenco coupler with 6 bolt patteren (10 spline)

    Just checking to see if someone had such an item before I call Bergeron tomorrow.
  14. WTB back half of a Casale 10* 5 bolt case

    Help, I'm try to help a friend out and we need the back half of s Casale 10* case with the double row bearing and 5 bolt housing. Thanks, Loren
  15. ATI damper Bolt pattern

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Anyone have the bolt pattern specs for a BBC (small block should be same) ATI damper? Looking for the 3 bolt hole OEM specs for mounting CE19, pulleys etc, diameter. Spacing looks to be equal about 360 degrees. And possibly the center register diameter and depth. Thanks James
  16. [SOLD] 4 bolt MK IV 454 block .060

    Parts for Sale
    I have a spare .060" over MK IV 4 bolt BBC block $350, located in Southern California.
  17. BBC intake extra bolt holes?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I'm sure this is common knowledge to most, but I'm a little int he dark.. I have a rectangular port tunnel ram that I'm putting on a BBC with AFR heads. Problem is the manifold has 8 bolts per side, but the heads are drilled for 6. I used the 6 bolt gasket, but when I fired the motor off I...
  18. [SOLD] BBC Mark IV 454 Block 4Bolt Brand new ARP Head Studs Bored .060

    Parts for Sale
    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Have my 454 Block BARE with ARP Head studs for sale.. this is a Mark IV 454 block original 4bolt bored to .060.. this was in my Sanger and Schiada till I decided to go to a Dart 540 set up a few months ago.. Block is .060 over and will clean up with a hone to...
  19. 4 bolt MK IV 454 block

    Parts for Sale
    I have a block that was cleaned, inspected, and had previously been freshly bored .060" before it sat. All rust has been removed, it's an early (1977) block that would hone to .070, or even .065 over if someone wanted to have pistons made. I was not able to use this block for the engine I...