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  1. bravo 1 shift cable boot replacement advise/help

    merc alpha 1 shift cable boot replacement advise/help A pal has a mariah b.r. skiboat thats in need of the shift cable boot replaced and i volunteered(gtn payed) to replace it.ive done nothing but glance at it so far and if the cable can be taken loose from outdrive easily it looks pretty...
  2. Rubber Boot Covers

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Does anyone know where to get the rubber boot 90* terminal covers, for #14 wire -battery cable size? Thanks
  3. Small Buisiness Owner Gives Biden the Boot

    Political Rhetoric
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Seems a small business owner declined to let Biden in his store(a bakery that is only been open since may) for a campaign photo op. Seems the owner turned down all the publicity and free marketing because O said he didn't build it. This man should be commended.:)devil...
  4. Getting The Boot

    Political Rhetoric
    Seems Ole Debbie Wasserman Schults is getting her ass booted by the O admin as DNC Chairwoman. Seems she is doing more harm with her polarizing rhetoric than good. She was supposed to help O with the Jewish vote but evenas a Jew she can't help but allienate her own as she is too much of a far...
  5. [Wanted] double boot andy clark

    Other Stuff for Sale
    I have a 85 maha ski with double boot andy clark but let someone borrow it and they ripped the rubber on the back boot any ideas on how to get another or get it fixed?
  6. Calif Sen. Dave Cogdill gets the boot

    Political Rhetoric
    Finally some backbone out of the California State Senate. Sen. Dave Cogdill was removed as minority leader for his support of a state budget that would burden Californians with the excesses of Liberal government sending. This all but kills the current California budget proposal that has already...
  7. I'm thinking of giving Dish Network the boot....

    PB Open Water
    Any reason I shouldn't get Direct TV?? Dish just shot my bill to $134 per month. (I have all channels, 1 HD and 1 regular receiver) With direct I can get the HD DVR, 4 rooms, etc. Seems Direct has more HD. Is the grass greener on the other side??