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  1. Parts for Sale
    Looking for a 4.50 dark, merlin or bowtie block for my build if anyone has one laying around. I'm not trying to break the bank on my build. I had one lined up and it ended up not being good. Located in the socal inland empire area of california. Please give me a call or text 951-642-8067 thank you
  2. Parts for Sale
    Made by Ron, Fine tuned and balanced by Kevin @ R&R in Henderson. New and Perfect! $575 Call, txt or PM Dave 520-275-3912
  3. Parts for Sale
    Have a set of these JE's i have maybe 3 hours run time if even that. this was Blown on E-85 .. i had a rod bearing start to fail and 1 piston got scratches on the skirt and i would not use it again , Block in that Cylinder got deep scratch as well so i bored it too .060 over and bought all new...
  4. Parts for Sale
    JE/SRP BBC Flat Top Pistons 4.5" Bore JE/SRP alum flat top pistons. USED but in great condition, cleaned up and ready to go, just need rings. INCLUDES the pins. READY TO GO ---- Nice pistons!!!! NEW PRICE $375 SHIPPED SRP P/N 281919 SPECS: Bore Size: 4.500 Oversize: 0.032 Dome...
  5. Parts for Sale
    Northern California (Yuba City, zip 95991) Nice Chevy 454 Mk V block, standard bore, bought from local machine shop (along with 9 other SBC/BBC/SBF blocks in various states of machined/cleaned/greasy) that closed this year after being open since 1965. Block is in very nice shape, no damage or...
  6. Parts for Sale
    Have a dart block short deck 4.600 bore. Has two sleeves in #7 & #8. Honed and decked. $1600 located in Ontario CA.
  7. Parts for Sale
    Selling a 460 block as short block, everything looks good ran when pulled but one piston has rust on top must have came in thru wet stacks. I also have the stock heads for it, so you can but short block or with heads. asking 400 obo. motor is located in 93455 Zip.
  8. Parts for Sale
    (SOLD) SRP Pston set 4.28 Bore Slightly used N/A (6 passes) SRP pistons with pins. Excellent condition Part # 139831 $200 plus the ride
  9. Parts for Sale
    set of JE Pistons for a 540 BBC Bore is 4.500 flat top forged set.. they had maybe 3 hrs MAX on them.. they come with rings as well .. the skirts have Minor scratches on a couple pistons but will clean up.. 300.00 for the set With Rings.. that is...
  10. Parts for Sale
    7 Cylinders look good Standard / standard virgin block with 2 cracks in # 3cyl.. The crank that was in this motor was untouched and reused. It was running perfect before It dropped a valve seat. 400 OBO. Trying to recoop some of my costs. Thanks
  11. Other Stuff for Sale
    I have some new parts I was gonna use on my engine and decided to buy a new engine instead.. all parts are for 2007 Big Twin Harley.. 07-14 2nd.. I have a set of S&S 585 lift Gear drive cams.. this is a used set but have maybe 1200 miles on them straight out of my engine in good shape ...
  12. Parts for Sale
    Have a Block I was building, a Dart Gen IV BBC that is 9.8 deck and 4.602 bore size.. I just went to machine shop to pick it up and he told me its gonna be a couple weeks before he would be able to install a sleeve in it so I ordered a Brand new block since I didn't have time to wait .. this has...
  13. Parts for Sale
    11-1 good shape $180 text 616-262-6076
  14. Parts for Sale
    This is a new Dart block with nodular iron caps, Block has been decked to 9.800, Bored and plate honed to 4.601 using .950 reach studs and MLS gaskets, Lined honed to 2.938 and studs down the center, Cam tunnel has been blue print bored to 2.4775 and Roller cam bearing have been installed for a...
  15. GN7 On the Dyno
    So i was motoring down the lake and lost 10 mph and 600 rpm. Mechanic said I lost all compression in cylinder number 4. Now I need a motor rebuild and am looking at building a good motor with some power, not just going back in with a rebuilt 496. Trying to keep cost below 15k but have found a...
  16. Propellers
    Anyone successfully had there V drive prop bored/reamed deeper so it will go further up on the shaft?
  17. Parts for Sale
    Steel block. Billet caps. 904 lifter bores 55 mm cam tunnel 4.56 current bore SOLD
  18. Parts for Sale
    1 has been damaged by a broken valve as you can see in the picture. $150.00 text or call for more info 903-826-1985
1-19 of 32 Results