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  1. talking bad bout my threads !

    PB Open Water
    talking bad bout my clothes ! Probably shouldn't be dissin a 6'6" mans Jacket , some funny shit right here. talk about yer b*#ch slap ... :wink2:
  2. How bout this CL find!

    Jet Boats
    Not gonna lie, I really wish I had the stupid amounts of money needed to buy and rebuild this boat! 30' Aluminum Riverine Patrol boat
  3. Hey Billy...How bout Safety Meeting..

    Just a typical Thursday night at FATHEADS Safety Meeting...I'm gettin this stuff down...haha..Little long but worth the laughs..
  4. How 'bout the Newt?

    Political Rhetoric
    High fives anyone????
  5. Hey 'bout Tuesday

    Last year we started a little deal up at our local lake. We call it "V-Drive Tuesdays". Kinda put it out there that we would be having get togethers for our favorite boats and you could come and join in with us and enjoy our little hobby. It's startin to catch on. This Tuesday we should have 7...
  6. I got thinkin bout Berryessa

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    and a couple of pretty good memories came to mind. With all the doom and gloom, how bout we share some memories about days on the lake and the funny stuff that goes along. One weekend a couple years ago, they are doing a Hot Boat delio at the lake. Delta Rat and I decide to go, 707DOG meets us...
  7. How bout our DMV

    PB Open Water
    NM DMV is now really screwed up. So here is the new policy. The purchase price taxes will be based on the higher of the declared sale price or the NADA clean vehicle trade in price value. So if you got a good deal, or the car is been wrecked, or beat and not of the condition of “clean” trade...
  8. Speaking of carbs how bout my 800dp

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Marine #9022 does my carb flow like a 750 or 850 or????
  9. How 'bout them Utes!!!

    PB Open Water
    Never thought they'd pull it off but they did. My son has a few friends that play for them so it make it that much nicer!!!!
  10. Bout time.. OJ is now someones Butt Pirate

    PB Open Water
    well its about time OJ Simpson served some time . they just sentenced him. he recieved lots of 1-2 yr sentences all to run concurent but they gave him 15 yrs fixxed sentence but elidgable for parole after 5 years ... so he is atlest serving a minimum of 6 yrs up to 15 . bout time, too bad a...
  11. Hey ACL How bout a recipe for Brisket?

    PB Open Water
    You got any good rubs you recommend or maybe a good mop? I've only got a couple weeks left of good weather for grilling and I'm dying to do a brisket.
  12. How bout' Guru

    I bet you are all surprised to see me write this about Tony. Let me tell you he drove the wheels off the K 69 boat. Thanks again buddy. We really appreciate your effort and dedication to excell.