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  1. Other Stuff for Sale
    Vintage Brad comp waterski! SOLD Hi. This is a vintage Brad wood concave comp waterski (aprox 65 inches) in killer cond!! P/u Glendora area., or shipping at your cost. SOLD.
  2. Jet Boats
    Hoping that we as a boating community can keep the fellas from the Spirit of America TFJ, most importantly Brad in your thoughts and/or prayers. Took a tumble today. Thinking about ya bud. Hope you're doing ok considering.
  3. V-Drives
    Just wanted to let you guys know while running my boat Feb.24th at Billy B's shendig, Brad Hagberg was checking out the action. After running the DiMarco Brad comes over to me and says "Dude, you need a helmet" I told him that I dont have one while I was wearing my "Hello Kitty" life vest. Brad...
  4. Other Stuff for Sale
    If anyone has any interest in a early 1860 Brad Waterski 67" that has been hanging in my office for the last 10 years and was in some closet inside my parents house for the 20 years prior, and was probably in the boat for 9 years before that and has about 1 month of skiing on it, :) Please...
  5. GN7 On the Dyno
    Which type do you guys recommend ? The grade one or the premium? thanks in advance.
  6. GN7 On the Dyno
    Any of you guys need a good racing oil in the phoenix area, we are a Brad Penn dealer, and have it in stock. Has all the ZDDP additives for flat tappet cams. Thanks Jay
  7. PB Open Water
    Retired U.S. Coast Guard Warrant Officer and Tres Martin Performance Boat School partner has joined the Performance Boats Team as Advertising Sales Director. Following a 20-year career with the U.S. Coast Guard, Brad has been directly involved in safety initiatives and skills-based training...
  8. Jet Boats
    Hey Tom ... Do you West Coasters run Brad Penn?
  9. Jet Boats
    brad has officially lost his man hood last monday at freds in huningtonbeach,ca brad willing lee gave his life/manhood/balls/self esteem to the helmet wearing Texas head spinner who some of the elite now know is his girl and are going steady please fill free to post comment or pm brad with your...
  10. PB Open Water
    Anyone from here going to see Brad tonight in mountain view???:)devil
  11. PB Open Water
    For Your Enjoyment :)devil 2007 Nitro Nationals w-stCd9M6LA&rel=1
1-11 of 12 Results