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  1. GN7 On the Dyno
    Lost oil pressure in my BBC 454 and fortunately caught it quick. Pulled distributor and can see the top of the shaft broke off into 2 pieces. Found 1 side with magnet. Can't get the shaft out with the magnet. I can turn it back and forth a little which leads me to believe the Mellings HV77 oil...
  2. Jet Boats
    okay so I went to adjust my timing today and I plug it up to the water hose that water run through it started it I was at 8 9 before TDC and I was going to take it out to 14 and as I did that I reved it a* bit at 3000 check the advance tapped it to 4000 rpm and then got right off of it and...
  3. Outboards
    I have a 1994 Johnson 175hp oceanrunner and i noticed while the motor would idle it was spitting out fuel outta the bottom fuel fitting so i went to take the fitting off thinking it had threads and when i went to un-screw it, it broke off can someone tell me that these lines are for and whats...
  4. GN7 On the Dyno
    I posted this over in the jets section, for all that were curious, as to what happened at the river a couple of weeks ago. I am posting over here because now I need some opinions. Two weeks ago, I was making a pass on the river. At 5100 rpm, the engine abrubtly shut down. Tried to refire and it...
  5. Jet Boats
    Well Hell! I guess the motor broke! Was out in laughlin this weekend and comming back up river. Was making a pass and at about 5100, the engine made a sudden shut down! Tried to restart and would not turn over. Got towed to to the beach and started inspecting. Initially we thought the pump...
  6. Michigan Hot Boats
    Went to Canada to give my friends a wiff of nitro. I was running fine on 10%, great cackle and some fire. So I re-calculated and have plenty room in the fuel system for 20%.....then I get the crazy idea to wick the 16:71 another 10......Where is my outboard tow boat...Brian I miss you!....Had a...
  7. Jet Boats
    Picked up HTP's bolt on ride plate and shoe. Decided to start into it today. Everything was going well. First hole drilled perfectly although I noticed after the first 1/2 inch or so it went slow. As if the metal was pretty dense is the only way to describe it. I've done this before so I did use...
  8. Jet Boats
    Went to the Avi boat bash. It was the third time putting the boat in the water. Been having trouble with the (OLD) Aggressor parts. First time out I broke the droop snoot off the the boat. Second time out I broke the clean out cover off. So the third time out was at the Avi bash. The boat ran...
  9. Jet Boats
    So I broke my droop snoot on the 2nd run of the morning, lost it in the Colorado river jack smith park. Had a couple of boats looking for my droop one guy found it, To my surprise. The droop was a Aggressor droop from late 90s.I heard they had some problems back then with the casting and...
  10. V-Drives
    Now the scramble to make Burley. But she was fast when she ran.
  11. Jet Boats
    Running Jessel rocker arms. Yesterday was at the river jacks smith launched, ran about 15 miles down river stop at a beach for a drink, Pushed the boat out on start up this is what happened. Cost me a hundred bucks to get back to jacks the river was empty, No won would tow.
  12. Tow Vehicles
    Long story short....leavin the boat ramp sat. and go to push the tow button and she no light up. Leave for home sunday and its workin fine again. Stop in wyoming for some frosty adult beverages and it not workin again. Any ideas what to check? What exactly is the function of that button....does...
  13. Jet Boats
    Hey guys, got a 71 Sleekcraft i got about 8 months ago, haven't changed anything with electrical or connections on the tach, but when the motor is idling it seems to be correct, 500-1000rpm but the few times Ive had a few tests runs at Lake Pepe aka Perris Ive noticed that once on plane and...
  14. PB Open Water
    Well I got this in the mail. Couldn't help but laugh. It must have been someone in a hybrid that reported me to the Global Warming police. Has anyone else recieved one of these for blowing black smoke?
  15. PB Open Water
    Cable broke at the shifter in forward gear today in Havasu,I have a Vovlo DPX on a 28ft cat.Got boat on trailer but we are here till monday would love to be able to still go out tomorrow.....who do you guys think will have a cable in stock on sunday in Havasu? Can a cable be fixed? Thank you Frank
  16. PB Open Water
    This goes for all indendent contractors.
1-16 of 31 Results