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  1. Budget used BBC pump gas pistons

    Parts for Sale
    I have a set of Probe BBC pistons, 4.280 bore, standard 6.135" rod with 4" crank. 18cc dome, would make about 9 1/2 to 1 compression depending on deck height, head gasket and cylinder heads used. The one on the bottom left shows that it hit a valve, believe it would work fine on a budget...
  2. VETO the pussy budget bill

    Political Rhetoric
    I hope Pres. Trump vetoes the temporary budget bill. It does not include any funding for the wall. The pussy Repubs. and Commie Dems. do what they normally do, (EVADE THE ISSUE). If the President vetoes the bill, The house and senate will have to compromise on the funding. Neither party wants to...
  3. Under budget and ahead of schedule

    Political Rhetoric
    The Trump transition team finished up early and gave back to the Treasury 1.5 million. That’s refreshing.
  4. Project Cheapskate; A Budget SE Motor Build

    Because of my location in the Middle Tennessee area and the lack of any inboard races even close to where I live, I believe that I should have some sort of a back-up motor. Two years ago I saw Jody Clauss tow 20 plus hours all the way from New Jersey to Lakeland Florida and make himself a...
  5. Budget Brawler LS3

    GN7 On the Dyno
    "Budget Brawler" - Turbo
  6. What heads to buy on a budget (aluminum)

    Greg Shoemaker
    Hello i have a 21 liberator tunnel jet midly built 460(468) 40 over comp cam mabey 540 lift not sure right now hydo lifters Torker two intake 750 Holley about 450hp Lightning water jacketed headers a impeller runs 80 mph with dove -c heads and valve train upgrade i broke a guide need new...
  7. Obama budget proposal

    Political Rhetoric
    Obama Calls for Highest Sustained Taxation in U.S. History | CNS News Textbook dem libby progressive socialized stupidity. First increase the national debt over the last 6 years more then all the previous presidents combined then propose the largest tax increases in the history of the country...
  8. 460 budget rebulid

    Jet Boats
    got my first jet boat this weekend it was supposed to be running but needed starter rewired. so I get it home wire it and it just grinds against the fly wheel pull the vavle covers off and it looks like chocolate milk so I guess im rebuilding what cam should I go with as well as other things I...
  9. Budget Project need exhuast help

    Jet Boats
    Hello all I have a 1984 Cimmaron 18SS that I need help with. It had a 454 in it and was just to heavy so I pulled it to install a small block again. The problem is I can seam to find a good set of used exhaust through hull manifolds. If anyone has a set laying around I would be happy to buy them...
  10. President's budget is submitted to congress . . . again . . .

    Political Rhetoric
    Despite his last budget not even receiving a single democrat vote this Kenyan is at it again. This one's a doozie! Did this fraud ever even pass a math class? More sealed info, I suppose. CNN has a prediction for it's passage: hil:) hil:) hil:)
  11. SBC Cyl heads Budget race

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Hi, Very much a budget racer changing my old Iron bowtie heads for Aluminum heads, Doing it more for the weight saving than HP. I am only around the 500hp what heads are good bang for buck??. What I have is Bowtie 184 Block 4.095 Bore 3.48 callies crank 6" Eagle rods Venolia Forged pistons...
  12. "Budget" 555 build

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Looks like I have finally acquired enough pieces to drop it all off at the machine shop..:thumb: .....Thought I would run it by you guys and see what ya'll think... This is going in a 24' I/O and has to run N/A for this summer but I plan on adding a Procharger next year as $$ permits.. I'm...
  13. ease budget pain

    Political Rhetoric
    Sen. Coburn urges White House to freeze hiring, curb traveling to ease budget pain | Fox News A top Republican lawmaker countered warnings about the purportedly devastating impact of looming budget cuts, calling on the administration to lessen the blow by taking two simple steps -- stop hiring...
  14. Budget cuts...

    Political Rhetoric
    SO, is anyone here aware of ANY federal budget cuts that are being proposed by either Congress/Senate OR the sitting USERPER??? :54: I wonder what OlameO is keeping busy with over the last several weeks since he "fixed" the fiscal cliff situation... hil:) Below is a White House-provided...
  15. Want the budget back on track?

    Political Rhetoric
    It's a long listen but well worth the time. Such principals, if implemented will work on every single level of government!
  16. Budget Exhaust?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Anyone run these before.....and how do they compare to others? 454 502 Mercruiser Chevy Exhaust Manifolds Cast Iron Aluminum Hi Performance
  17. Obama; Budget

    Political Rhetoric
  18. Do it ourselves budget!

    Political Rhetoric
    As an intellignt change from the usual complaining and name calling. I think this post deserves it's own thread! If each American could designate his preference on spending his tax payment we would have more honest form of governmant based on money allocation by the people. I posted mine...
  19. Beer Budget

    PB Open Water
    Has anyone noticed that the price of beer has gone up? In my area, Tampa, my normal beers Coors Light and Miller Light are around $20 per case. In trying to save some money at the grocery store, i thought I would try some cheaper brews. So far I've tried Natural Light and Busch. I am not...
  20. Budget Ford 289

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I just picked up a 65 Ford Falcon with a 289 off craigslist for next to nothing. Currently it's all stock with a 2 barrel and in need of a rebuild. The car has a manual trans and will be used for weekend cruising. My goal is do this whole project using parts found at swap meets, craigslist...