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  1. 489 BBC Build

    GN7 On the Dyno
    It is crazy how dead it is over here. Well, I am getting ready to assemble a mild blown big block Chevy for someone, so I figured I would let everyone tell me what I am doing wrong. 😉 The build will be relatively modest as the power expected will be reasonable. It should last a long time in...
  2. 1976 Kindsvater NOS Build

    A few months I acquired this 19' 1976 Kindsvater from a friend, it was ordered in 1976 and never rigged. Currently the plan is a mild BBC with EFI (I know I could be dealing with hell on the EFI, but I have a plan if all else fails then I will resort to carbs), the rigging is being done by Don...
  3. Junk Yard Engine Build

    GN7 On the Dyno
    A friend and I are looking at building an engine from spare parts. We are looking at a Gen 6 standard 502 block that is currently a 565. The bore is 4.535 and the stroke is 4.375. We don't know the condition of the block yet but we were wondering if it needs to be bored out what would be the...
  4. Twin Turbo LS Daytona build

    Jet Boats
    redoing a 78 daytona jet, twin turbo 6.0, holley EFI
  5. Twin Turbo LS 19 Daytona build

    Jet Boats
    Just picked up a 78 19 Daytona jet, going with a twin turbo LS(been racing a Turbo LS drag car for years). Have a couple of questions, what oil pan are you using ? the pump is set way back so nothing under engine, also the BB in this was way forward(to me) 30.5" transom to rear plate, 14"...
  6. Samantha,s Biesemeyer Build

    As most of you know, Samantha,s Mandela was totaled last August at Long Beach. Before we made it home some wonderful people in the boat racing community donated funds towards a new boat. (As soon as I get permission I will share) With the help and advice from other racers we are planning to...
  7. Looking for long block for blown motor build

    Parts for Sale
    If anyone has something sitting in their shop let me know..BBC Thanks, Matt
  8. Looking to build a 21’ tunnel...what power?

    PB Open Water
    What would you do for power on a 21 feet tunnel?(jet,single or twin outboard) and why thanks I’m Leaning toward a single outboard. Being that It will give me alot of move in the boat and save on gas. What would sell fast too?
  9. [Question] 383 SBC build help

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Hello fella’s, Been a while, enjoyed my 73 Stevens build for the last few years, and have now sold and bought a more family friendly ski boat as we have a growing family with two little boys (one due next month). Ended up landing a 1993 Centurion bow rider that is in need of a new heart...
  10. (BUILD THREAD) 1992 Challenger V Drive Tunnel

    Performance Boaters, After communicating with Dave (Jokorace) he encouraged me to create a build thread for my project. I have been out of performance boating for the past 20 years. After owning and restoring a couple flat's and hydro's I purchased this tunnel V-Drive two years ago, as the...
  11. [For Sale] 1996 Chevy Silverado 3500 Full Custom Build Bagged Dually

    Tow Vehicles, Cars and Parts
    1996 Chevy Silverado 3500 Truck was just completely recently built, only about 500 miles on the truck since the full build was completed! Truck will cruise down the highway at 85mph no problem like a caddy! Tows like a dream! Lowboy Motorsports complete frame off build Full Accuair Air ride...
  12. Another old school Banks twin turbo build

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I'm needing some help on cam selection for this one. I would like to use a hyd roller if possible. It is a BBC 496, 8.5:1 c.r., Promax 320cc heads, SP2P intake manifold. The old style Gale Banks twin Rajay turbos and intercooler, Banks ext. manifolds ect. It's going in a 24' Campbell cruiser...
  13. 454/496 build for Glen-L rampage

    Jet Boats
    Hey everyone,(this should be a new line)I'm trying to post something but the forum keeps getting rid of all the spaces and my text just ends up as a jumbled mess. (this should be a new line)What am I missing?(new line)Thanks!(another new line...)Denon
  14. Cole TR-4 Build

    After selling my Bezer a few months back, I've been trying to decide on a good Delta cruise/lake hot rod boat to replace it. Always liked the TR-4s so when I ran across this one, had to get it. It's a pretty nice 1985 all original survivor and came with all the original rigging and sitting on a...
  15. Prospects new build mod v hull

    Boats for Sale
    Hello Looking to generate interested towards a new sweet ride, a new pro build of a classic hot boat mini . Any one who might be interested please let me know all boats would be built by a performance boat building company .This boat can be setup for outboard as well, very stable fun fast...
  16. Another mouzer build thread......

    Im poor now so i got this total pc of shit traded a 10* casale w/whirlaway for it...unseen title says its a pro boat manufacturing i think 74...i dont im starting over..i sent it over to paint ..sold the funky bad trailer it was on..took the barron trailer i still had and redid...
  17. Need help with engine build

    Jet Boats
    Hi all. I've had a few jets but this is my first in over 10 years and first non Berkeley. I recently bought a 76 18' Southwind with Jacuzzi WJ. Pump has a diverter but other than that im not sure, in the process of pulling it apart right now to see what it looks like inside. I'll do whatever is...
  18. Engine Hatch build. 85 Kachina

    Jet Boats
    So, I searched everywhere for something, anything on building an engine hatch on an old jet boat but only found like 2 things. There is really not that much info on size, shape, design, material or weight. I figured I would post some stuff about how I ended up doing it. I do not know if it's...
  19. Motor Build - Piston and Cam combo for 20' Aristocrat Jet

    Jet Boats
    489 Motor Build - Piston and Cam combo for 20' Aristocrat Jet Long story short, the motor that was in the jet boat was toast. Low compression on 3 different cylinders, 2 of which had 95% leak when tested with a leakdown tester. Needless to say, the motor is now out of the boat and at a machine...
  20. 1986 Daytona Eliminator V-Drive Build...

    So a friend bought this boat I posted about a couple weeks ago. This boat has about 25 hours on it and looks brand new. Long story short it spent many years in a garage stored away. It came new with a 460 Ford. It will now have a 588 Inch BBC Blower motor with a powerglide. It should run very well.