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  1. Bulkhead fittings

    Where can I buy bulkhead fitting that is long enough for the transom. This is for a runner bottom where I have a hose from the pick up to the bulkhead fitting. Thanks
  2. Bulkhead fittings

    Jet Boats
    ISO long bulkhead fitting in #10 in aluminum all I can find is stainless and I don't want to pay 90 bucks
  3. bulkhead air line fittings that go through transom

    Jet Boats
    what are you guys using and were do you get them for pop off thanks
  4. Place Diverter Bulkhead Question

    Jet Boats
    I just purchased a new hydraulic Place diverter from Tom a few weeks ago and I'm in the process of installing everything. What I was hoping to get from someone on here that has one of these bulkhead fittings is the center to center measurement for both fittings on the plate like in the picture...
  5. Bulkhead Fitting

    I've called many fitting companies and I can't find the same bulkhead fitting that came out of my boat. I just bought one that was only 2 1/2 and the one I need is 3 1/4. Does anyone know where I can find one, I was hoping to keep them all aluminum if possible. The one on the right is the...
  6. bulkhead installation ??

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    in a general rule of thumb kinda situation, i have read that the wood used for a bulkhead in a vessel shouldnt actually touch the outer fiberglass structure of the boat. this is because as the boat flexes the wood will not and it will crack the hull from stress. it should be mated to the outer...
  7. What size bulkhead?

    What size bulk head fitting do you guy's put in for your water to run through the back off the boat?
  8. Winter Project = Bulkhead

    PB Open Water
    Winter Project = Bulkhead UPDATE Pops knew one bulkhead was bad but not 2 bulkheads. This off season we will be replacing both bulkheads on a 74 Campbell 24ft. As you can see the front one is out and in the bed of the truck. Its going to the wood shop tomorrow. He used an oscillating tool...
  9. lump in deck from bulkhead

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I would like to run something by you guys that have been doing this way longer than me, I have a 73 sanger superjet flat deck that has a nasty lump right where the front most bulkhead is attatched. My question is how to smooth it out and make it flat like its supposed to be. I was thinking about...
  10. Any reason I shouldnt?? glass only bulkhead Q??

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I am not sure bulk head is the right term for this fella...wasnt sure what else to call it. In an effort to replace it with one that may actually slow the water down....the sawzall is coming out this morning. I am not overly opposed to glassing a piece of wood back in there....just seems like...
  11. Bulkhead Installation Question

    Jet Boats
    I have a 1984 19ft bahner and was wanting to put in a bulkhead. I read on another thread to be sure to leave a gap for expansion and contraction. But before I glass it in I wanted to know if anyone knew why they didn't put one in to begin with. Is there a specific reason there's no bulkhead? Thanks
  12. tx-19 bulkhead

    WFL Crew
    so after asking a few people's opinions and how others had their bulkhead's glassed in their wingers, i have come to the conclusion that it seems to be most people only glass the sides and part of the bottom in, but not the top at all. what do all y'all think? and how were they done originally?
  13. Need Help on bulkhead 78 Bahner

    Jet Boats
    I have a 78 Bahner, should there be a bulkhead in front of engine to stop bilge water from running to the front of the boat? doesnt look to have ever had anything there, any help would be great.
  14. Bulkhead in a Daytona

    Jet Boats
    Hello, I'm prepping to put the bulkhead back in (one closest to dash). My boat is a X-Caliber Daytona. It was set very close, it looks like there will be issues with the go pedal and steering wheel. I believe my last Daytona had it further from the dash. Can someone measure from the edge of...
  15. bulkhead and pump questions

    Jet Boats
    hey guys what wood do i need to use for the bulkhead? go my intake gasket and need to know what type of screws do i need to attach pump to intake.
  16. how do you finish your bulkhead

    Jet Boats
    I'm getting well past the halfway point on my Daytona restore, and I need to do something with the bulkhead. I'm thinking I would like to do it in black to blend in with the bottom and sides. I thought about bedliner spray, but not too sure about that. Maybe cover it with black carbon fiber...
  17. WTB 90 AN bulkhead fitting (Black)

    Parts for Sale
    I need a Black90 A N fitting has to be the bulkhead fitting... I cant find one at Jegs or Summit or its a 2-3 week wait I need this to finish my fuel log install.. Do you have one or know where i can find one?? if so let me know.... Thank you....... size -8:D
  18. False floor and bulkhead question.

    Jet Boats
    My buddy has a 18ft Bahner with a 468 and a Berk pump. Hes having the seats redone. He wants me to help him put in a false floor. Which is no biggy. But when I was looking at the new project I notice that there is no forward bulkhead or gunnel supports under the side of the boat. The bow is not...
  19. Bulkhead replacement

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair a little 18 ft jet. I've got the wood cut, and the floor/sides/bottom of the deck prepped. What type of glass/resin is prefered for this type of repair? I have some fiberglass experience but it's limited. I've used mostly cloth in the past, but never really got the stiffness I wanted...