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  1. Bully Dog Programmer

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    Triple Dog Gas Downloader, I have never used it, MSRP $440, $250 obo, located in OK,
  2. Hey!! Bullhead Bully!!

    I met your partner in crime today at Pirates Cove.(Mike) what a great guy and it was cool that such a small world,began talking about aviation and the one thing to another and it came out you two ate good buds.I met you at your shop several years ago in BHC and then had the Concession Boat in...
  3. [SOLD] Bully Dog Triple Dog Diesel programmer

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    Bully Dog Triple Dog diesel programmer for sale. Works with 2003-2006 Ford 6.0L PS, 2001-2006 GM Duramax and 2003-2006 Dodge Cummins. Can be used on the fly. I used this programmer on my 2006 Duramax LLY and my 2007 LBZ. I bought in 2006 so the book only goes up to 2006 models. I'm not sure if...
  4. Chubby Aussie Kid and a Bully

    PB Open Water
    Just saw this on Fox , You tube took this down , Schoolyard Bullies Bullies beware Worth the watch ! - Schoolyard Smackdown - Bully Meets His Match
  5. Kid fights back to bully

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    Deadspin, Sports News without Access, Favor, or Discretion
  6. anyone watch Bully Beatdown on MTV

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    Ive watched 2 episodes of it so far and its pretty good. Bully gets a beatdown by a MMA fighter because he has picked on a few people in the past that have contacted the show.
  7. More greif for "Pitt Bull" and other Bully Breed owners.

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    I'm all for making things hard on gangs, but this seems to be more about defacto BSL than fighting gangs...
  8. WILDMAN does Havasu with Bullhead Bully!

    PB Open Water
    I just got back from spending a few days with Bullhead Bully, [Paul Wallner] running Lake Havasu and the Colorado River in his 22ft Eliminator with twin Merc 300xs motors. We ran all day for about 160 miles, then came home and took out his two new 4 stroke 215hp, supercharged Seadoos! It was...
  9. The Bully is in town....

    Bullhead Bully is in Oroville....He will be piloting the War Canoe across Lake Oroville like the japs hit Pearl Harbor. 6/29 and 30 if you wanna roll with us. I will be in the Daytona trying to keep him in sight(:)eek(:)
  10. Bullhead Bully to grace NorCal....

    Yes Folks...The Bully is coming to the Delta for a one day show on April 12th. He will be driving a 300xs tunnel through 200 miles of the the Delta starting at Wimpy's and heading south at an obscene pace down the south Moke. Bully says, "I want to rip the Delta a new one" Bully plans a to hug...