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  1. [SOLD] A bunch of nice parts

    Parts for Sale
    Sale PendingBBC 2 1/2" Rewarder Zoomies, no dents/dings and the ceramic coating is still decent. Was on a blown gasser so there is some exhaust soot at the ends but cleans off pretty easy. A bit of polishing the coating will look nice too. I've already wiped off the black spot on the one tube...
  2. ESTATE SALE (a bunch of boats)

    Boats for Sale
    should have the prices up by tomorrow morning, half a dozen of them are really nice.
  3. [SOLD] Bunch of BBC and some SBC intakes, tunnel rams and misc engine parts

    Parts for Sale
    Have a Long list of parts here.. most intqake manifolds are New or like new. all parts were from a Machine shop from customers not paying for orders.. SBC intake 1. Air Gap intake # 7501 single carb like new or new 125.00 BBC intakes single carb's 2. BBC Edelbrock Victor JR intake Req...
  4. Whose Liberal Knickers Can We Get in A Bunch Today?

    Political Rhetoric
    I love the last statement.
  5. [SOLD] whole bunch of AN fittings

    Parts for Sale
    I have a whole bunch of used AN fittings and 2 water dumps. $100.00 free shipping to lower 48 states. I only take paypal. ([email protected]) don't ask me to count and list what each piece is. Thanks mike 530-701-9030
  6. (2) 8.1 blocks , whipple.. bunch of parts

    Parts for Sale
    Selling for a non internet savy friend. He was building this to put in his Hummer . Most of it is stil useful for marine use . The bare 8.1 block also come with a GM crank. Theres 2 GM harnesses , 2 PCM, injectors, AC relocation bracket, bunch of extra parts .. I don`t have a complete list ...
  7. Bunch of Stereo stuff for sale..

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Ok have a few pieces of stereo stuff I don't plan on using .. 1st I have a Sony Xplod 600w amp 30.00 2nd a Rockford Fosgate Punch P112S4 12 inch sub rated at 150 RMS watts and 300 Peak watts.. 30.00 3rd (2) 12 inch Pioneer Subs in a box with a Zappco Amp and Percision Power amp and a...
  8. anyone in the bunch need a big fan...

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    great for shop or big garage pushes tons of air i bought this fan when i was remodeling/painting the inside of my house to help with the drying and fumes it has been in my shed ever since base is included im sure you don't want to pay full price...$250 obo text or call 707-758-3203
  9. bunch of parts

    Parts for Sale
    Bbc headers, ran dry, good condition $200 Chrome rudder double seal stuffing box, new $80 FE Ford Edelbrock logs, very good condition $75 Trailing rudder, ok condition, has some pitting $50 Faria white face gauges, set of 7 with senders $100 Olds logs with snails $50 Forward/reverse cable, good...
  10. RV/travel trailer guy in the bunch??

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    i cant not rememeber who it was that runs with us but im sure we had some one that is either a manager or sales for a rv spot? anyone know?
  11. Bunch of v-drive parts

    Parts for Sale
    12deg casale v-drive 15%od in and out good working , with 1350 cupler for drive line $800 obo sold BBC motor mounts front and back with feet $150 obo sold Mankens 2 blade steel prop 11"x16 pitch for 1" prop shaft $400 obo sold BBC timing covers $50 for alumin and $20 for crome Nicson stringer...
  12. You Christians are a wild bunch

    Political Rhetoric
    Colo. Sheriff Alleges Shock Training to TheBlaze: DHS-Bound Official Warned Against ‘Christians Who Take the Bible Literally’ | FaithColo. Sheriff Alleges Shock Training to TheBlaze: DHS-Bound Official Warned Against ‘Christians Who Take the Bible Literally’Apr. 9, 2013...
  13. bunch of alky parts, ignition, intake, etc

    Parts for Sale
    Injector Hat Adapter - $200 - SOLD Super Damper - $200 MSD crank trigger - $100 MSD crab cap dizzy - $150 Enderle Bird Catcher (Alky barrel valve and lines included) - $800 Sheet metal intake - 10.6 deck Big Chief/Big Duke, adapter plate to fit 11.0 deck, dual carb plate, (lines and distri...
  14. Bunch of damn racists!!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Nearly 2 Dozen States Consider Plans To Drug Test Welfare Recipients As Issue Arises In GOP Campaign | Fox News Let the crying and rioting begin! :shock:
  15. A bunch of boat stuff i need to get rid of

    Parts for Sale
  16. Other Bunch of stuff cheap!

    Parts for Sale
    Spectre dual snorkle air cleaner with cone filters $60 rogers scoop $60 Pending Billet water crossover with PS bracket $50 2 drivelines for Berkeley Sold 3310 Holley 750, sold flip top top fuel fillers $25 Pending Olds Hardin logs with snails sold Olds Hardin Valve covers $50...
  17. Are we a bunch of crabby assholes?

    PB Open Water
    I like this site. I rooted for Brett, Chris, and the rest of the crew during the final days Hot Boat and I'm a loyal subscriber to the new mag. As well as that, this site is home to some people I consider friends so I'm pretty much going to be a regular around here. ... but I can't help but...
  18. Jocko's bunch 'O stuff!!

    Parts for Sale
    You guys know the drill by now. If interested in an item, please PM me with the item # & description. Include your location so I can calc the shipping for you. 1) S/S Turbo tailpipes (or straight off wet logs for thru transom). 37 1/2" long The flanges are at 7 degrees (RCLrecommended!)...
  19. Bunch of jackasses on Lake Mohave this week....

    PB Open Water
    ....well at least these ones weren't on PWCs....... ;) RTJas :D
  20. Bunch o' stuff... CHEAP!

    Parts for Sale
    SOLD --> Morse Shifter: $20.00 <-- SOLD SOLD --> Stewart Warner Gauges: $50.00 (all of them) <-- SOLD SOLD --> Manifold Two Port Water Gizmo: $5.00 <-- SOLD Jeff