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  1. And the other foot just dropped with Burris

    Political Rhetoric
    And the other foot just dropped with Burris. He "now" admits he raised money for Blagosevich. Change folks! Change. I'd venture to say the Mob has more standards and morals then these pos's on Capital Hill.
  2. Burris lies to Investigators

    Political Rhetoric
    So, Burris(new senator from chicago) flat out lies to federal investigators, actually perjuring himself. So wheres the outrage from all the "other" elected officials screaming ethics? And its no fricken coincidence that this was released on a Saturday either. And I wonder what O will have to say...
  3. Burris to be seated to U S Senate

    Political Rhetoric
    Now here's a guy who was rejected 5 times by his local residents for various positions but gets a Senate seat by appointment. This is an example of our new democratic process at it's best. What's wrong with this picture?
  4. Roland Burris: Yes or No

    Political Rhetoric
    Gov Blago was within his legal rights to appoint O's replacement as Roland Burris. Blago has not been found guilty of anything and is still the Gov. Harry Reid based on nothing more than a personal declaration, so it seems, refuses to seat the man in the Senate. Technically per the Law and...