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  1. [Question] "SHORT BUS" 1978 Sanger "Mini Day Cruiser" ?????????

    PB Open Water
    I have owned this boat for 4 years and want to know it's story. If you can tell me anything about this awesome boat please send me a note or give me a call!!!!! Thanks Jeff 509 316 1721.
  2. Obama Throws Japan Under The Bus And Bows To China

    Political Rhetoric
    Obama Administration Tells Airlines To Comply With China Defense Zone - Obama Throws Japan Under The Bus And Bows To China Posted 12/02/2013 07:10 PM ET...
  3. Tour Bus

    Michigan Hot Boats
    I thought I would post this here first and give the guys in MHB first shot at my bus. I have decieded to sell it, don't have the buddies to go on trips and it is not cost effective for just the wifey and I. The bus has a 489 Cu In stroker tall deck motor and many new parts. Totally mechanically...
  4. Party Bus Rentals in the O.C?

    PB Open Water
    Daughter's sorority (CSUF) needs a party bus, any hook ups?
  5. Black and White bus for each candidate

    Political Rhetoric
    I just noticed this and was wondering if it polarizes the divide in the nation. O has an all black bus for his campaign tour and Romney has an all white bus for his. Is this a subtle message about what the election is really about? I hope not personally. Sure seems like it is done for a reason...
  6. Referral or Hookup for Limo/party Bus in SD?

    PB Open Water
    Wondered if anyone had a good referral or deal for a Limo bus for 16 people in the SD area? I'm flying out with a group for a wedding and wanted to arrange transportation for a night with a DD.
  7. Party Bus Hook up in SoCal?

    PB Open Water
    Does anybody have any relation to a Limo/Party Bus Service here on PB? I'm getting married in two weeks and we've got a bunch of people staying a hotel that are under the impression the hotel offers a Party Bus Service but evidently they don't(:)eek(:) we need to get one booked. We...
  8. Bus Tour

    Political Rhetoric
    A little light, lunch-time reading. GOP attacks Obama bus, but Bush did same -
  9. Obama threw himself under the bus

    Political Rhetoric
    According to Limbaugh, Obama has made the statement that all the tarp money, and the bail out money Will not Stimulate the economy as once thought. Did anyone else hear of this ?
  10. Violater's Bus

    Mideast and Great Lakes
    You said that you have a bad azz bus and have never been beat by any toterhome or bus on the highway so I think I found you a race. :|err
  11. School bus races

    Off the Water
    pretty funny:D top heavy
  12. Booze Cruise Vw Bus

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Selling for a freind of mine. Located in Havasu. 1970 VW Bus New 2.0 lt motor with dual carbs High output alternator external oil cooler built bus trans gas shocks CD stereo with amp and 4 6x9 Seats up to 6 This is the ultimate BOOZE CRUISER!! Owner built for Baja Mexico, used in two poker...