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  1. Billy'z or bust!

    Paul and I decided we are not going to miss Billy'z deal this year. We have been boatless for far too long. We made a new years resolution, and found a junker with real history and possibilities for a hundred dollar bill. This week we started working every night after work. Can you build a...

    Pulling out now, Detroit -19 degs.. Hope to see everyone soon!
  3. 2024 or bust !

    Political Rhetoric
    Obama just signed a "Strategic partnership agreement" with Karsai to keep us in Afghanistan until 2024 :wtf: .... I guess you warmongers will now love him....he's a perfect corporate warmonger puppet......As good as Romney could ever be !!! Our tax payer money will be hemorrhaging there for...
  4. Enviro Nutzis Bust Loggers

    Political Rhetoric
    A Polish environmental activist group found 20 downed trees stacked and other notched for felling on a nature reserve in northern Poland. Having discovered this illegal logging operation, they called in the police who promptly located the culprits, Beavers building a damn on a nearby stream...
  5. $1.4 billion dollar herb bust

    PB Open Water Someone out there is a little pissed off
  6. Boise Or Bust!! & Billy Are Done With So-cal!!

    We had every intention of going to Burley this past weekend, but, on the flight up we started discussing the fact that doing business here in California is getting awfully hard to do and from our few visits to Idaho how much we enjoyed the area and how the state seemed "Business Friendly". So...
  7. Big Havasu Meth Bust

    PB Open Water
    Police seize drugs valued at $70,000 STAFF REPORTS HAVASU NEWS Wednesday, June 18, 2008 11:17 AM MST A 48-year-old Lake Havasu City man was arrested Monday on eight felony charges including possession of dangerous drugs for sale and possession of precursor chemicals, both class 2 felonies...
  8. Irvine OR Bust

    I think you will make it. Hang in there and keep working hard.... How many of you guys are burning the midnight oil to? I think you guys will like this B boat when you see it... :D
  9. Big River or Bust

    West Coast - South
    Hey guys I just thought I would let you all know that so far Cave and I are going to be at the Blue Water resort Casino Friday night. We will be boating on Big River Saturday and Possibly Some Kind of Monster/Billy will be going to. I will start the list. 1) OverKill 2 Cave 3) Some Kind Of...