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  1. Foot starting button

    Is there a certain one everyone uses to start their engines up. Also, does anyone have a picture of how they mounted one. Thanks.
  2. WTB 429 460 Ford 16 spline crank button

    Parts for Sale
    if such a thing exists??? Thanks.
  3. FOX needs a "mute" button

    Political Rhetoric
    It's high time FOX news started using a "liar's mute button" when the libtards start with the obvious lies trying to defend Hildabeast....Tell them, you lie, you go silent... Lie again after the sound comes back on, and you'll be kicked off for 30 days... I get so sick and tired of that libtard...
  4. help needed- Lenco crank button

    I am mating a Lenco clutch to the engine for my hondo and have run into an issue with attaching the crank button. the button bottoms out against the end of the crank and it is about .325" from the flexplate. the only spacers/shims I found are only around .030" Anybody had this issue?
  5. BBC 16 spline crank button

    looking for a bbc 16 spline crank button and driveshaft aprx 29" if you guys have any you want to part with please let me know Thanks Anthony BTW dont tell me to call lenco. lol
  6. WTB BBC crank button 16 spline

    Parts for Sale
    if anyone has a 16 spline bbc crank button you want to sell please let me know
  7. Anyone else having trouble with the back button ...

    PB Open Water
    On this site now. I have to hit the back button 3 times to get off a page now. 1st time moves up page, 2nd further up page, 3rd time to previous page. I have been watching the advertising links roll pretty fast and long as well. Maybe they're trying to force more looks at the advertising...
  8. Installing a cam button with a two piece timing cover

    GN7 On the Dyno
    So, I am trying to get some stuff done while the crew chief (brother) is off doing his required two weeks with the National Guard. We have the cam installed and timing set on, hoping to get the timing cover and oil pan finished up. Using a Manley two piece timing cover. (stole the pick from...
  9. Push Button switch

    Jet Boats
    Does anyone know where to find an illuuminated ON/Off push button switch? Everything i found online is elevator size. I'm looking for a smaller unit. Thanks
  10. [SOLD] 35 spline crank button

    Parts for Sale
    35 spline in great shape, bolt pattern is bbc and another not sure what else but the spacer is bbc only. $60 shipped
  11. [SOLD] MagnaFlow water pump Cam drive with cam button

    Parts for Sale
    SOLD!!! MagnaFlow water pump Cam drive with cam button SOLD!!!!SOLD!!!!SOLD!!!! have a MagnaFlow water pump in excellent shape.. comes with Cam button to drive it.. this is chrome and looks fairly new.,. also comes with the AN fittings to screw # 12 lines onto it.. just removed from the boat...
  12. Bbc aluminum flywheel and crank button

    Parts for Sale
    I have a 168 tooth aluminum flywheel with crank button for bbc. Cannot find a number on the crank button but it has a cc on it if that helps. 140.00 plus the ride. 775-224-4073
  13. Mute button

    Political Rhetoric
    Guess maybe Nancy may have had her bony finger on "O"s button :rolleyes:
  14. WTB. COLE steering wheel button

    Parts for Sale
    anyone know where to get a center steering wheel button the alum 1's that have the cole logo on em?
  15. Gotta love this dem button huh

    Political Rhetoric
    A convention-goer stands on the convention floor on the first day of Democratic National Convention in Charlotte | View photo - Yahoo! News Is Kim Kardashian at the dem convention?
  16. [Question] Flexplate pto button problem

    Hi, I am currently in the works of building my first motor. It is a bbc 454 and have run into a little snag with the 1350 driveline coupler that attaches the driveline to the crankshaft. There is a pin that comes out of the crankshaft that the flexplate sits on to line it up with the holes, the...
  17. lenco button question

    Hey guys im geting ready to order a 16 spline button from lenco for my canyon its just a solid driveline setup do i have to get the spacer or can i just bolt the button straight up to the crank.
  18. Lenco crank button needed

    Parts for Sale
    I need a 16 spline crank button for a bbc and the spacer if you have one
  19. crank button

    Parts for Sale
    I need a 16 spline bbc button for my canyon let me know if you have one i also have a couple of 10 spline buttons laying around if anyone needs on for a bbc
  20. Mercury Four button diagnostics tool

    I'm looking for a Mercury outboard Four button diagnostics tool. I have a DDT with all the fix ins but I would like this for on the water tuning. please contact me if you have one for sale. Billy Kosick 847-587-5553