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  1. [Question] Is this jet overpriced?

    Jet Boats
    I'm looking to buy a new jet. I found one, private party. It's a 1991 Omega Jet(Berkeley) Includes Electric Jet-A-Vator w/ a 454 bb. All original interior and exterior. The boat looks clean from what I can see online. The owner has it in Havasu, which is about 3 hours from where I am. He is...
  2. Looking at buying a project

    Jet Boats
    Im looking at buying another jet boat. I currently have a 1977 sunkist and its not too family friendly but I just found a 20 footer that looks to be very family friendly. The issue is the amc 401 motor that was in it went bad and was disassembled and left out. I dont want to use the 401, it most...
  3. Buying used parts off this site

    PB Open Water
    I've always had good luck with buying parts in the forsale section until recently. I bought a set of Lightning headers from a seniormember back in 2014 and was told that they were in excellent shape. He sent themto me from out of state and they looked great. I know I should have tested thembut...
  4. Ultra 1995 LX -21" Open Bow - Considering on buying - What to look out for

    Jet Boats
    I'm going to look at 1995 Ultra LX 21 Openbow, with 454. I hear some Ultra boats have some hull problems. Not sure what to look for? The boats been sitting for about a year & a half. What should I look for when going to check it out? The seller mentions its been rebuilt with about 40 hours on...
  5. Buying Gifts for the Boater.

    PB Open Water
    Buying Gifts for the Boater12/23/2014 0 Comments Its crunch time two days to get that holiday shopping wrapped up and we’ve got some ideas for the avid boater in your life. Here’s our top last minute gift picks: 1. Boat detailing. Everybody loves a sparkly clean boat and a gift certificate...
  6. Great experience with buying parts on this site.

    I have been buying parts here and there on the internet as well as on this site for a few years. I just want to report on an exceptional transaction experience with one of the members here on this site. I purchased a Mallory Sprint Mag here on this site in the parts section and we had good...
  7. [Question] Critical things to check when buying a V-Drive

    So I've been around boats off and on most of my life, but never owned a flat. Now that I have the money and I'm actually out looking at them, I realize that I really don't know what to check on a v-drive boat. I mean, I know to check overall condition of the hull for any "damage". Also, to take...
  8. [Question] Advice before buying boat, cosmetic repairs

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
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  9. thinking about buying a race boat

    Jet Boats
    As the title says im thinking about buying a race boat lookin for advice on what to get Im leaning towards a shovlenose I want something cool fast and loud
  10. [Question] Thinking about buying a M1028A3

    Tow Vehicles
    Hey guys, i have the opportunity to buy a Chevrolet 4x4 K30 dually. Almost rust free with 26000 miles, 1984, 6.2 Diesel.Was an us army airfield snowplower. Will give it a visit this week, what do i have to look at? What do i have to know about this truck? Just want it for fun use, and of course...
  11. [Question] Looking at buying a small Toy Hauler for the River, any advice?

    PB Open Water
    All my friends have trailers for the river and the wifey is making her demands. It's just the two of us and a 1 year old so I don't need anything too big nor do I have the truck to tow anything to huge. Currently I only have a 1/2 ton dodge to pull it which is rated at 8,350 lbs towing...
  12. Looking at Buying a Flatbottom - Advice?

    OK, I've been on and off this site for a long time, but never posted until yesterday! I've been around boats my whole life, and spent a few years drag racing jets with my brother. But that was a long time ago. Since then, i've been stuck in the ski boat world. So I want to get a flatbottom...
  13. Buying a new (used) boat upholstery question

    PB Open Water
    Looking at buying a new (used) eliminator 236 eagle xp but a little concerned about the upholstery on the open bow. There are a lot of rust colored spots on the white vinyl on the top rail of the cushion. Not sure exactly what it is, can anyone shine a little light on my dilemma and can it be...
  14. Buying my first boat! Need some things.

    Jet Boats
    Settled on an open bow Commander. Should be a decent ride. This will be my first boat, and my wife says its about time we got our own ride to the sandbar. Been around jets all my life. The new boat has a fundamental problem. The guy who ordered from the factory ordered it with a hand...
  15. Buying A Boat--Place To Learn About Good/Bad Brands?

    PB Open Water
    1st Time Buyer--Please Recommend Boats Hey guys, I'm in the market to buy a boat, and with so many different manufacturers it is giving me a slight headache. Does anybody know of a place on the internet where you can compare and research different boat manufacturers? I mean, I'm not 100%...
  16. Chinese backing away from buying Fisker

    Political Rhetoric
    Chinese firms reportedly losing interest in US taxpayer-backed Fisker, citing loan terms | Fox News Chinese firms in talks to buy electric car maker Fisker Automotive reportedly are having second thoughts, balking over the possibility that Fisker's U.S. government loan would compel any buyer...
  17. buying a new boatcover

    Hi you all, I am having a new boat cover made for a 71 kurtis flatty. I could use any ideas or suggestions, and Pictures!! I am not a bid fan of towing with the cover on due to wearing of paint... Please let me know, waded through about all the pics in the website searching. mark
  18. buying parts & Tech

    Jet Boats
    Just looking for input. I guess the reason I do is stupid or a select few Don't understand ?? Why would I buy parts and tech from the fastest people in the world of jet boat racing ??? I'm never gonna be the fastest I know that !!! At the end of the day it works for us. Any input would be great...
  19. Rayzor buying a capsule flat !

    Oh boy this should be good !! I dont think he's planning to run TAF but should be a fun toy :thumb:
  20. Need Advice! Considering buying an 1988 Chris Craft Stinger

    Mideast and Great Lakes
    Hey Guys, I am an experienced boater (nearing 30 and been boating all my life), but I am mainly familiar with bow riders and cruisers. I am considering buying a 1988 Chris Craft Stinger and need some advice. This is the Fittipaldi model, 33' ft, twin 454's. What I wanna know is: 1. What do...