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  1. Good Bye Obama Care

    Political Rhetoric
    And GOOD RIDDANCE!! :))THumbsUp :))THumbsUp
  2. Bye Bye Billy boy

    Political Rhetoric
    No thread about O'Rielly getting the boot from FOX?? Boy I would be so pissed off if some company fired me and gave me 25 Million on my way out the door.... Hmmm, 67 years old, been making Millions a year for a decade or so and signed a new contract in February 2017 that guarantees him 25 mil a...
  3. blow bye

    Boats for Sale
    is it better two have two breathers one on each valve cover or a pvc and one breather.
  4. Bye bye dlb!

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    A few of you had the privledge to ride on the Silhouette but now she is headed to live a family life in Havasu. We are thrilled she is getting a great home.
  5. GOING CHEVY Good bye Olds

    Parts for Sale
    GOING CHEVY Olds parts for sale Hello I have a lot of olds parts that are not going to be used here. Going Chevy! 1. Set of bassett long tube headers with water lines...
  6. Bye bye hugo

    Political Rhetoric
    We certainly won't miss you, you POS.
  7. Bye bye, Mr. West

    Political Rhetoric
    Seems Allen West was given his walking papers. I say good, the fewer nutjobs in Congress, the better. Mr. West it seems, is having a hard time accepting reality. Florida's West refuses to relinquish seat in Congress to Murphy - Yahoo! News
  8. Bye Bye Barney...

    Political Rhetoric
    After 31 years 'ol Pole smoker Barney is announcing he will not seek re election.... He sees the writing on the wall that the American people are starting to actually hold idiots accountable for their actions... What a tool, and the people in Mass. that kept re electing him are no better.... Ray
  9. Well in two weeks i say good bye to my TX-20

    Jet Boats
    Decided to take it to Ervin Capps for him to do a full set back and do a race keel on the boat before I put my TT496 in. I talk to alot of people and Ervin got the best review. Its a 7 hr trip one way but I think it will be worth it.. Anybody have any feedback?
  10. Bye Bye NFL

    Off the Water
    :)hammers So it's commercials all the time is it? Between plays, every stop of play and eternity on reviews. How about four hours to watch a game? Go piss up a rope NFL, we are all done. No more go the sports bars, football parties and the usual. We can't take it. We have lives outside of the...
  11. Bye bye Blago

    Political Rhetoric
    It looks like Blago, (D), will be going away for a while... Guilty on 16 of 18 or so counts, and if added up the max sentence he is facing is about 100+ years. Granted, 6 or 8 of the guilty verdicts were directed towards "wire fraud" which is defined as using the phone to perpetuate a fraud...
  12. Good bye to the nuts.

    Political Rhetoric
    I haven't read anything posted on this. Acorn gets cornholed!!! Supreme Court Refuses to Take ACORN Case Appealing Fed Defunding -
  13. Bye Bye 455....hello 454

    Jet Boats
    So i sold my 455 today and will be rigging up the 454 starting tomorrow!! :D
  14. Bye Bye American Sovereignty

    Political Rhetoric
    So now O has sold out the U.S. to a 20 member(country) regulatory commision. So when they vote on measures to control our banking and industry it will be a vote of 19 socialists to one capitalist. Way to go O. Now Europe will be controlling our economy. This should be treason and punishable by...
  15. Say'n Bye, Bye To The Cheetah.. Triple Axel Pics

    Gray Water Storage
    say'n bye bye to the cheetah interior Outdrive 1 pick'd up the cheetah thursday... triple axel trailer makes the boat I think
  16. bye bye Delta?

    Here's a link to an article I received from GawnCa via email- it's in regards to going ahead with the building of the "peripheral canal" to bypass the Delta to send more water to SoCal. This same thing came up back in 1982 which the voters of...
  17. Today we say good bye... sniff.

    PB Open Water
    To our Audi A4.. sniff sniff You were a great car, better then all the Benz's we owned over the years. sniff But not going to miss your payments and insurance!! :)devil:)devil Later Bitch :)sphss My house hold is offically all American.
  18. Bye Bye Blagojevich

    Political Rhetoric
    Breaking news: Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich taken into Federal custody. Come get that sob Daley too. I'm so proud to be from Illinois... NOT!
  19. Bye Bye Biden!!! Rumor?

    Political Rhetoric
    Supposedly Biden will withdrawal as a candidate on Oct. 5 citing health reasons, being replaced by Hillary, of course. This is the latest rumor that I've been hearing lately. Any truth to this ???
  20. all the big talkers have gone bye bye

    West Coast - South
    The eastsiders had a really good thing going here with their call out threads........They weren't for everybody but I liked them. It showed the spirit that makes boating fun. They were called out about it in a good way. It was taken by a few to take liberty's with this .Now none of you respone...