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  1. Cable steering sheaves

    Hey folks, Have to replace the aluminum whip strut and steering plates in my 1959 Beisemeyer and in the process I broke a sheave (bearings fell out of it). Aprox 4" for cable steering. Any help?
  2. [SOLD] WTB: Place Diverter 43BC Cable

    Parts for Sale
    My cable froze up after sitting for 10 years and I broke it trying to work it free. Before I buy new, any used ones out there that aren't froze? Need a 43BC. Old one was 16' long....which worked but was too long. 13 - 14' would be better. 815-1981...847 area code. Thanks Pat
  3. [SOLD] Place Diverter Manual Control with Cable

    Parts for Sale
    New Manual Place Diverter Handle Control and 13' Cable (Gloss Black). Installed in a new build then went to Hydraulic Controls $200 951-318-1998
  4. Steering cable end

    Jet Boats
    Anyone know the diameter of the typical steering cable end (pump side)? It's the stainless rod that bolts to the nozzle. Thx
  5. [Question] Throttle Cable Adjustment

    I just got my new motor in and went to put on the throttle cable and is either to long or short. I can adjust the cable mount, but the it still wont line up. Is the adjustment at the carb end or in the pedal end? At the carb end I have the barrel that slides onto the ball on the carb. There are...
  6. stuck throttle and pump cable

    Jet Boats
    i have a 76 Sutphen Jet boat with a stuck throttle and pump cable...can not push the lever forward only backward... Any advice to lubricate (which I hope would free the cables) would be helpful since it does not have a cable but a steel rod that slides back and forth (I think) thanks...
  7. Steering Cable Length for 19 TPR/Cheyenne

    Jet Boats
    I forgot to bring my old cable from the river and want to order a new one before I head back up. Does anyone know the cable length for this boat? Pump is set back with a snoot.
  8. cable driven v drive TACH question

    Anyone know what the thread type is on this cable driven v drive bearing cap. I want to cap it off and go with an electric TACH with out having to put a new bearing cover on the v drive.
  9. Tach cable

    Where do you get a new cable for a jones tach to the v drive thanks chad
  10. Mystery throttle cable end

    PB Open Water
    I am replacing the throttle cable on my 21 Daytona and I can't seem to locate a cable end that connects to the Nicson gas pedal. The old adapter has a 10/32 female thread on one end and a 5/16" hole in the other. Through all my internet research, I haven't been able to find a replacement. I'm...
  11. Need a Tach Cable

    Parts for Sale
    Need a drive cable for a Jones/Moroso Tachometer. About 3ft long would be great, male tang on one end and the female square drive on the other. Thanks...
  12. [SOLD] Jones & moroso cable drive tach's

    Parts for Sale
    Jones tach very good shape 250.00 moroso tach very good shape 200.00 you can call or text 618-567-1804
  13. WTB: place diverter shifter and cable

    Parts for Sale
    Anyone have a shifter and cable for manual place diverter?
  14. Holley throttle cable plate. WTB

    Parts for Sale
    Anyone have a base plate throttle cable holder with clip for a std. Holley?
  15. Anyone cut their cable?

    Off the Water
    Im talking tv cable? Im tired of paying 275 a month for the few shows l watch. Which are: Ray Donavon Street Outlaws The Nascar rases NFL, MNF (espn) Has anyone had any luck watching the Monday Night Football, or the races with out cable? I have Amazon Fire TV, HD antenea and smart tvs but to...
  16. The one and only MR CABLE GUY( RCL )

    Will you be brining any steering cable this trip. I understand u owe some drinks. Cash in Cash out. I need 34 ft FOR THE OLD BIT OF HONEY.
  17. Steering Cable Help ( What Type ) ?

    Know how to run the cables. Need to know what type. Looking in the Master Carr book 6x37 stainless (18-8) is 3/16ths in size pulleys are approximately 3" in diameter this looks like the best option. It shows lifting and non-lifting cable? What type should we use ? What is the difference? Non...
  18. Cav hardware all $250 3 pc steering and cable $200

    Parts for Sale
    Do not want to break it$250 i have a long rod rod & cav bar also $75 finishline handle...................$150 cav plates from biesemeyer.....$50 3 pc pully system and cable w/chain......$175
  19. Teleflex Steering cable New !

    Parts for Sale
    I was cleaning out the shop and ran across this new old stock Teleflex Steering cable, new in the box. Perfect condition $ 50.00 Plus the ride. Located in Taylorsville KY.
  20. Steering Cable For Sale

    I have purchased a roll of stainless steering cable to resell. I had to buy 500' to get it. It's aircraft cable and is incredible to work with. I had been buying it from somebody in San Diego and he ran out and never replaced it. So I did, because once you do a boat in this stuff you will never...