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  1. V-Drives
    Hey folks, Have to replace the aluminum whip strut and steering plates in my 1959 Beisemeyer and in the process I broke a sheave (bearings fell out of it). Aprox 4" for cable steering. Any help?
  2. Parts for Sale
    My cable froze up after sitting for 10 years and I broke it trying to work it free. Before I buy new, any used ones out there that aren't froze? Need a 43BC. Old one was 16' long....which worked but was too long. 13 - 14' would be better. 815-1981...847 area code. Thanks Pat
  3. Parts for Sale
    New Manual Place Diverter Handle Control and 13' Cable (Gloss Black). Installed in a new build then went to Hydraulic Controls $200 951-318-1998
  4. Jet Boats
    Anyone know the diameter of the typical steering cable end (pump side)? It's the stainless rod that bolts to the nozzle. Thx
  5. V-Drives
    I just got my new motor in and went to put on the throttle cable and is either to long or short. I can adjust the cable mount, but the it still wont line up. Is the adjustment at the carb end or in the pedal end? At the carb end I have the barrel that slides onto the ball on the carb. There are...
  6. Jet Boats
    i have a 76 Sutphen Jet boat with a stuck throttle and pump cable...can not push the lever forward only backward... Any advice to lubricate (which I hope would free the cables) would be helpful since it does not have a cable but a steel rod that slides back and forth (I think) thanks...
  7. Jet Boats
    I forgot to bring my old cable from the river and want to order a new one before I head back up. Does anyone know the cable length for this boat? Pump is set back with a snoot.
  8. V-Drives
    Anyone know what the thread type is on this cable driven v drive bearing cap. I want to cap it off and go with an electric TACH with out having to put a new bearing cover on the v drive.
  9. V-Drives
    Where do you get a new cable for a jones tach to the v drive thanks chad
  10. PB Open Water
    I am replacing the throttle cable on my 21 Daytona and I can't seem to locate a cable end that connects to the Nicson gas pedal. The old adapter has a 10/32 female thread on one end and a 5/16" hole in the other. Through all my internet research, I haven't been able to find a replacement. I'm...
  11. Parts for Sale
    Need a drive cable for a Jones/Moroso Tachometer. About 3ft long would be great, male tang on one end and the female square drive on the other. Thanks...
  12. Parts for Sale
    Jones tach very good shape 250.00 moroso tach very good shape 200.00 you can call or text 618-567-1804
  13. Parts for Sale
    Anyone have a shifter and cable for manual place diverter?
  14. Parts for Sale
    Anyone have a base plate throttle cable holder with clip for a std. Holley?
  15. Off the Water
    Im talking tv cable? Im tired of paying 275 a month for the few shows l watch. Which are: Ray Donavon Street Outlaws The Nascar rases NFL, MNF (espn) Has anyone had any luck watching the Monday Night Football, or the races with out cable? I have Amazon Fire TV, HD antenea and smart tvs but to...
  16. V-Drives
    Will you be brining any steering cable this trip. I understand u owe some drinks. Cash in Cash out. I need 34 ft FOR THE OLD BIT OF HONEY.
  17. V-Drives
    Know how to run the cables. Need to know what type. Looking in the Master Carr book 6x37 stainless (18-8) is 3/16ths in size pulleys are approximately 3" in diameter this looks like the best option. It shows lifting and non-lifting cable? What type should we use ? What is the difference? Non...
  18. Parts for Sale
    Do not want to break it$250 i have a long rod rod & cav bar also $75 finishline handle...................$150 cav plates from biesemeyer.....$50 3 pc pully system and cable w/chain......$175
  19. Parts for Sale
    I was cleaning out the shop and ran across this new old stock Teleflex Steering cable, new in the box. Perfect condition $ 50.00 Plus the ride. Located in Taylorsville KY.
  20. V-Drives
    I have purchased a roll of stainless steering cable to resell. I had to buy 500' to get it. It's aircraft cable and is incredible to work with. I had been buying it from somebody in San Diego and he ran out and never replaced it. So I did, because once you do a boat in this stuff you will never...
1-20 of 146 Results