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  1. anybody heading from mesa az to so cali

    rex phillips marine has my stack tank..drop thru strut mid plate......anybody in the future coming this way .4..$ gas money i will pick up anywhere in so cali n corona by riverside east of la :thumb: 951 870 6910 text me
  2. Cali Fire Fee...More Democratic Bullshit!

    Political Rhetoric
    Rural Fire Fee Suspended As Part Of Cap-And-Trade Deal | Sierra News Online I am commenting on this because they screwed me over the last 6 years as I live in a "Rural" area! "The fee — what is considered by many to be an illegal tax that should have required a 2/3 vote in the legislature —...
  3. anyone able to tow my back to cali Ill pay ya

    PB Open Water
    so my work has me slammed and I need to get my boat back to ca, next weekend is fine ... I just need to get it back before the following week ..Im taking her out on the 19-21.. and she is due for a service.. Illl pay ya .. thanks Rocco
  4. TNYOUNGBLOOD in Cali at Lake Ming......

    PB Open Water
    ........ Dont let him not show you his TN trick. He can take his upper teeth and out and do the best Larry the Cable guy you have ever seen!!
  5. Franger sighting in so cali

  6. Cindy Sheehan for Gov of Cali

    Political Rhetoric
    Holy shit, it's real!!! :)sphss Cindy Sheehan for California Governor 2014
  7. Go Cali!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    . :confused: :no: :)sphss
  8. Hey Cali ! How's the Nukes workin for ya ?

    Political Rhetoric
    US Government Orders 14 Million Doses of Potassium Iodide | Funny the top news reporters are staying mum on this ! :D
  9. Hydro transport from seaside cali to texas

  10. Fruits and Nuts Are Live and Well in Cali!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Transgender Teen, Cassidy Campbell, Named Homecoming Queen in Huntington Beach | KTLA 5 Morals, we don't need no stinkin' morals.... Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!! :no:
  11. who paints murals in so cali

    PB Open Water
    i need to find a guy who paints murals on cars boats ect......i need 2 diff murals to be painted om my project must look realistic water and land scape beach type with boat gonna b awsome
  12. Merc 300XS and Cali suckie gas

    Picking up a new ride on Friday... with an '09 300 Optimax. The local expert says to run 91 gas, good oil and don't let it sit (so only fill what you need for the day). I know CA gas has a good amount ethanol which is a poor lubricator AND absorbs water like a sponge. I want to get as much...
  13. Cali Open-Bow Jetboat Craze???

    Jet Boats
    Someone at the Lake the other day said that people out in "Cali" are buying up Jets and cutting the bow out and making them into open-bow jets and that it's like a "craze". Just wondered if there was any truth to that?
  14. I feel for you guys in Cali

    Political Rhetoric
    I read that Jerry Brown signed three anti-hunting/gun bills in to law... I assume this is a ban on airsoft BB guns: Cali is still going down hill!!! :(
  15. Need a boat brought down from washington to so cali

    got it handled...thanks
  16. Coming soon to a lake near you.... In northern Cali

    Just pick this up on Sunday! 84 Cole hydro "Radioactive" Never fails, every time I go to Camp Far West I buy a boat.
  17. Research History Cali. style

    I was out yesterday putting new tires on my trailer, i decided to drive down to Manteca to see walt Ott at Performance Machine. he gave me some pointers on getting Explosion together. I asked him how too get close up details of the paint job. He Said "Redding Video" well that was like a "Shot in...
  18. Cali listen up!

    Political Rhetoric
    Well, well, well, well, well, it's time to either: A) piss off the DEMOCRAPIC constituency with budget cuts OR B) sink deeper into debt like Greece............ The FISCALLY WORST state in the nation is making it's move... Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is making his move...
  19. Tuscon to so cali

    $$$$ Anybody heading from tuscon to so cali in the near future ....need a flatty less motor in corona but i will meet ya anywhere.....its 14 hrs round trip for me...the guy will make sure tires and light r good to go..
  20. so cali to boise needed

    PB Open Water
    got a guy needs his flatbottom towed to boise from so cali anybody headed that way....